Patch Hut are sound designers creating sound libraries for VSTi soft synths; including Omnisphere, Loom, Hybrid 3, Vacuum Pro, Presonus Presence and Mai Tai and many more. Their aim is to inspire the soft synth musician and producer with their very unique sound and preset creations.


19 Products by Patch Hut :

Patch Hut Addicted 2 Serum

Addicted 2 Serum contains seriously great patches specifically conceived for the soft synth Serum, from the developer Xfer Records. Serum is a wavetable synthesizer...
Patch Hut Cerberus

Cerberus is a library which delves into Greek mythology specifically Hades the god of the underworld. Cerberus were the hounds that guarded the gates to the under...
Patch Hut Drummer Boy

With 20 great preset drum kits the majority of which with starter loops, Drummer Boy is a great cheap alternative to a full blown drum machine. You can create your...
Patch Hut Ecology for Presonus Mai Tai

A great new library for the Mai Tai analogue synth, included with the Presonus Studio One Artist and Professional products. Mai Tai is a polyphonic analog modeling...
Patch Hut Flavoursphere

With 30 great new patch presets and 6 Multi's for Spectrasonics Omnisphere, Patch Hut's Flavoursphere will give you awesome new sounds to create your music with....
Patch Hut Horizons

This is a must have library for Presonus Studio One Presence XT sampler! The Presence XT sampler is included in Presonus Studio 3 Professional and Studio One 3 Artist...
Patch Hut Inspired

This expansion pack was created for the much over looked granular synth/sampler ‘The Mangle’ by soundguru. Having only 3 presets pre-installed, this library adds 20...
Patch Hut MixBag

MixBag is a new mini library for the FREE U-he Synth, "Podolski". With 15 new patches from pads to arpeggiators, strange leads and crazy fx, MixBag gives you a taste...
Patch Hut Multivation Creations

With the success of the original Multivation library for AIR Music's Xpand!2, Patch Hut continue a series with this outstanding brand new library, Multivation...
Patch Hut Multivation Vol 2

Continuing on from the first library Multivation for AIR Music Tech's Xpand!2, Patch Hut releases Multivation Vol 2. 25 patches boast some serious and elegant...
Patch Hut Other Worlds Looming

Other Worlds Looming is a perfect collection of Bass, Leads, Pads and SFX patch presets for Air Music's Loom 2. A library stretching out to other worlds in the...
Patch Hut Pandora

25 great sounding patch presets of pads, rhythms and bass for the very powerful Hybrid 3 synth from Air Music Tech. Hybrid 3.0 is the next generation in synthesis....
Patch Hut Quatermass

Patch Hut release Quatermass for Thorn, an excellent spectral synth that has a stunning sound engine from DS Audio Software's Dmitry Sches. With 50 great presets, 2...
Patch Hut Timeless

Timeless is a collection of 30 superb patch presets, 10 Multi's and 21 sound samples for Omnisphere 2. Included are great atmospheric pads to take you to the dark...
Patch Hut Total Eclipse

30 great sounding patch presets for the superb sounding analogue soft synth Vacuum Pro from Air Music Tech. Vacuum Classic is a monophonic vintage synthesizer...
Patch Hut Vaccine

Vaccine is a brand new library for Xfer Records Serum and contains 40 cool powered presets from the dark-side, including; evolving wide pads which stir all kinds of...
Patch Hut Vocaled Voices

Vocaled Voices is a library to die for. It contains a set of 31 unique vocal patches for Studio One's Presence XT. Vocals that have been sculptured into some great...
Patch Hut Xpand2 Multivation

From acclaimed sound designers Patch Hut, "Multivation for Xpand!2" brings users of this much-loved plug-in a whole new world of creativity. Patch Hut are sound...
Patch Hut Zynthasia

Zynthasia is a new preset library from Patch Hut, created for Waves' Codex Wavetable Synth, a superb library which boasts 30 impressive synth sounds. The incredible...

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Patch Hut @PatchHut Wednesday June 27, 2018
Multivation Creations Walkthrough: via @YouTube
Patch Hut @PatchHut Saturday June 23, 2018
Brand new library for Xpand!2 Multivation Creations
Patch Hut @PatchHut Saturday May 5, 2018
Other Worlds Looming brand new library for Air music Loom 2. 50 incrediblbe out of this world cinematic presets, to…
Patch Hut @PatchHut Friday April 13, 2018
Zynthasia brand new library from Patch Hut for Waves Codex !
Patch Hut @PatchHut Sunday April 1, 2018
Running Discounts -
Patch Hut @PatchHut Thursday March 29, 2018
Patch Hut @PatchHut Thursday March 29, 2018
I liked a @YouTube video Clown Figure Winks At Me
Patch Hut @PatchHut Thursday March 29, 2018
Vocaled Voices library for Presence XT: via @YouTube
Patch Hut @PatchHut Wednesday March 28, 2018
Drummer Boy library for Presence XT in Studio One is now available and ready to be auditioned at…
Patch Hut @PatchHut Saturday March 24, 2018
Save 6.99 euro NOW with the Multivation Bundle pack for Xpand!2 by Air. 45 great multilayered patches at
Patch Hut @PatchHut Saturday March 24, 2018
Good Day people ,something new today ! we have now added a discount page where you can view the currently running d…
Patch Hut @PatchHut Saturday March 24, 2018
So with Drummer Boy for Presonus Presence XT almost complete, we will be focusing on Waves CODEX synthesiser creati…
Patch Hut @PatchHut Saturday March 17, 2018
Coming soon..! for Presonus Presence XT
Patch Hut @PatchHut Saturday March 10, 2018
Brand new library for Studio One Presence XT, Vocaled Voices with 31 patches or pure coolness . Audition this libra…
Patch Hut @PatchHut Wednesday February 7, 2018
Multivation Volume 2 library as been released today by Patch Hut 25 superbly crafted sounds to compliment the origi…
Patch Hut @PatchHut Sunday January 28, 2018
Want only a single patch from a library? now at Patch Hut you can purchase only the sounds you want from our Patch…
Patch Hut @PatchHut Sunday January 21, 2018
Our website is now mobile friendly... Patch Hut on the go !
Patch Hut @PatchHut Thursday January 18, 2018
Patch Hut Collection: via @YouTube
Patch Hut @PatchHut Wednesday January 17, 2018
FREE! 10 patch presets library for Studio One's Mai Tai.Some great pad fx sounds, Just register and subscribe to ou…
Patch Hut @PatchHut Wednesday January 3, 2018
Horizons Library for Studio One Presence: via @YouTube
Patch Hut @PatchHut Monday January 1, 2018
Have you heard ‘Pandora expansion pack library for Hybrid 3’ by @PatchHut on #SoundCloud? #np
Patch Hut @PatchHut Monday January 1, 2018
NEW ! ‘TOTAL eclipse library for Vacuum Pro’ by @PatchHut on #SoundCloud? #np
Patch Hut @PatchHut Saturday December 2, 2017
Patch Hut @PatchHut Tuesday November 28, 2017
Third off all library prices !at
Patch Hut @PatchHut Tuesday November 28, 2017
Cyber week sale at until Sunday 3rd !
Patch Hut @PatchHut Tuesday November 28, 2017
@tmaiseyHi Tom have you heard our library for you granular synth The Mangle? check it out at
Patch Hut @PatchHut Saturday November 25, 2017
I liked a @YouTube video PPL lesson 7 Circuits east midlands aiport
Patch Hut @PatchHut Thursday November 16, 2017
Have you heard ‘Ecology library for Presonus Mai Tai’ by @PatchHut on #SoundCloud? #np
Patch Hut @PatchHut Thursday November 16, 2017
Have you heard ‘I Pad-FREE Library for Mai Tai’ by @PatchHut on #SoundCloud? #np
Patch Hut @PatchHut Wednesday November 15, 2017
I liked a @YouTube video Recording a Song in My Car | “I Need Air” by C-Threep
Patch Hut @PatchHut Sunday November 5, 2017
Check out the New library for The Mangle.
Patch Hut @PatchHut Saturday November 4, 2017
Inspired for the Mangle: via @YouTube
Patch Hut @PatchHut Monday October 16, 2017
FabFilter Pro-R Giveaway μέσω του χρήστη @prosoundeffects
Patch Hut @PatchHut Monday October 16, 2017
I liked a @YouTube video WHAT'S KEYTRACKING!??! - Xfer Serum Beginner Tutorial
Patch Hut @PatchHut Sunday October 15, 2017
New Library for AirMusic tech's Loom. Cerberus on
Patch Hut @PatchHut Wednesday October 11, 2017
MixBag Patch Library for Podolski: via @YouTube
Patch Hut @PatchHut Tuesday October 10, 2017
Patch Hut Theme: via @YouTube
Patch Hut @PatchHut Sunday October 8, 2017
Flavoursphere patch library for Omnisphere: via @YouTube
Patch Hut @PatchHut Thursday October 5, 2017
You can now audition all the patches in the new Addicted library and purchase them individually at
Patch Hut @PatchHut Wednesday October 4, 2017
Get Addicted, out NOW!
Patch Hut @PatchHut Tuesday October 3, 2017
Available soon !
Patch Hut @PatchHut Sunday October 1, 2017
So Serum here we come ! already started and well on the way.
Patch Hut @PatchHut Thursday September 28, 2017
FREE Omnisphere patch just added to the free stuff page. Remember to register to gain access-
Patch Hut @PatchHut Thursday September 28, 2017
New patch library for Sound Guru's The Mangle. 20 unique patches can be auditioned at
Patch Hut @PatchHut Tuesday September 26, 2017
FREE sample loops have now been added for people who sign up on the website -
Patch Hut @PatchHut Sunday September 24, 2017
NEW mini patch library for u-he's free synth Podolski check out the demo sounds.
Patch Hut @PatchHut Sunday September 24, 2017
NEW patch library for Omnisphere v1.5
Patch Hut @PatchHut Friday September 22, 2017
Our first library for Omnisphere v1.5 has now been released .Flavoursphere has some unique sounds and you can audition all of them now!

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