Le Sound is developing next-generation audio tools for sound designers and video game developers. They propose innovative solutions based on cutting-edge procedural audio research developed both internally and in partnership with internationally recognized laboratories.


12 Products by Le Sound :

Le Sound AudioElec


AudioElec generates sounds like hum, impulse, sparks and telemetry. AudioElec is a synthesizer dedicated to the emulation of electrical sounds. The synthesizer is...
Le Sound AudioFire


AudioFire is a synthesizer dedicated to the emulation of fire and heat sounds. The synthesizer is based on AudioGaming’s dynamic modeling technology and rarely uses...
Le Sound AudioMotors


From idling to full throttle, it allows you to fully control the engine sounds as if you were driving a car. What if a Mini Cooper became a truck? It is now possible!...
Le Sound AudioRains


Works perfectly with AudioWind as a complete solution to create dynamic weather sound scenes. AudioRains is AudioWind’s little brother and offers high quality rain...
Le Sound AudioSpace


AudioSpace is a synthesizer dedicated to the emulation of space ambiance sounds This synthesizer is based on AudioGaming’s dynamic modeling technology and uses no...
Le Sound AudioSteps


Introducing the first audio footstep system available as a plug-in. Based on specific real-time control and ownership of acoustic audio signatures, Le Sound has...
Le Sound AudioTexture


There are enormous creative possibilities with AudioTexture. Just take one simple sound and generate layered sounds with multiple instances of AudioTexture, or use...
Le Sound AudioWind


AudioWind is a revolutionary audio plugin that creates the vivid dynamics of wind sounds AudioWind helps you create the perfect wind sound in a matter of minutes. It...
Le Sound LS Levelator

LS Levelator

LS Levelator is an energy/loudness normalization tool for batch processing of large amount of files. This tool not only makes use of local energy variation but also...
Le Sound Reshape


Reshape is a touch-to-play sound design tool based on exploring gesture usage to give new expression means to sound creators. By using gestures with mouse or...
Le Sound Reshape FX

Reshape FX

Reshape FX is the effect version for processing real-time audio input. It allows the same multi-effect processing for the sound sources of your choice. You can insert...
Le Sound SpaceMotors


SpaceMotors is a sci-fi vehicle sound synthesizer to easily create complex dynamic engine sounds such as Podracers, Transformers, Tron, and Blade Runner.

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LESOUND @lesoundpro Tuesday September 15, 2020
What kind of sound do you create often? #sounddesign
LESOUND @lesoundpro Tuesday September 15, 2020
@Ideosound Mac/ Windows (VST, VST3, AAX, AU)
Nuno Bento @NunoRT (retweeted by @lesoundpro) Tuesday July 28, 2020
Exporting my stems for backgrounds of a film shot mostly in the desert, 85% of winds were performed with synths and… https://t.co/UQgURvowR2
LESOUND @lesoundpro Thursday July 16, 2020
@iamalexmars @audiokinetic Very nice 😀, we made a rain plugin for Wwise too (it's also pure synthesis, low CPU, sur… https://t.co/aEjFKybjrN
LESOUND @lesoundpro Monday June 29, 2020
Depending on your preference, you can acquire Lesound plugins with the subscription service:… https://t.co/UtHb7GDM4X
LESOUND @lesoundpro Thursday June 25, 2020
Our plug-ins cover a bunch of use cases that you need in your daily #sounddesign tasks, such as creating surround r… https://t.co/4d4FZDusq1
LESOUND @lesoundpro Wednesday June 24, 2020
Hey #sounddesigner, you can build your own #sounddesign bundle and save up to 50% ! https://t.co/ljbDPfezfH… https://t.co/nQ4BNe8GiZ
LESOUND @lesoundpro Wednesday June 3, 2020
@DxEditor @DxEditor AudioSteps Free embed only one databank, you can try AudioSteps Full to get access to the full… https://t.co/wabRpSX6Vs
LESOUND @lesoundpro Wednesday March 18, 2020
Lesound plugins are the perfect solution for your #remote #sounddesign tasks. We offer a 35% discount for 1 month o… https://t.co/dI5QVkPJu2
LESOUND @lesoundpro Friday March 13, 2020
LESOUNDは炎、雨、風といったその効果音をシンセサイズで創り出します。直感的なパラメーターで自由自在にサウンドを変化させ、多様なシチュエーションへリニアに対応。これまで以上にシーンに合わせたSound Design をシンセサ… https://t.co/DoqgBLyuac
Ircam Forum @ircamforum (retweeted by @lesoundpro) Tuesday November 19, 2019
🎧 Dans le cadre des ateliers démos des #SoundDesignDays venez découvrir ou re-découvrir les technologies #Ircam ain… https://t.co/aEwVKOMsiQ
RBridgett @rbridgett (retweeted by @lesoundpro) Tuesday August 13, 2019
new book is materialized - I’ll give a couple of these advance copies away - just retweet and I’ll pick a couple ra… https://t.co/envJpPj9ax
LESOUND @lesoundpro Tuesday May 28, 2019
AudioWind + Wwise: using Wwise states as AudioWind presets, you can create several ambiances, roomtones, background… https://t.co/OiJKZ5CyoK
LESOUND @lesoundpro Friday May 24, 2019
Major video games with vehicles and cars use AudioMotors, either the DAW plugin or FMOD plugin. Check this WRC Soun… https://t.co/ReNHBIEOY0
LESOUND @lesoundpro Wednesday May 22, 2019
For your Sci-fi games or movies, you can create powerful Sci-fi vehicles using SpaceMotors + post effect (here Gui… https://t.co/GYBNdNarEQ
LESOUND @lesoundpro Tuesday May 21, 2019
We update our #gameaudio page https://t.co/heQngqqM06. Learn more about our procedural plugins available on #Wwise and #FMOD.
LESOUND @lesoundpro Thursday April 18, 2019
Learn how to create Motor Acceleration Sounds /w AudioMotors. Visit @Gobbler article: https://t.co/LvnkfS6wTA… https://t.co/BYHETTnvHa
LESOUND @lesoundpro Monday March 18, 2019
Ambisonics audio recording of ambiances for @Novelab project https://t.co/FEMcnoRUfd
FMOD @fmodstudio (retweeted by @lesoundpro) Friday March 15, 2019
Explore a new dimension of creativity with FMOD Studio 2.0. Download at https://t.co/NJNpmbuinD #gameaudio… https://t.co/GmU35smMos
LESOUND @lesoundpro Monday February 25, 2019
How to create procedural room tone with AudioWind? Visit @Gobbler article: https://t.co/Y7ZQ9210hf #sounddesign #postproduction #gameaudio
LESOUND @lesoundpro Tuesday February 19, 2019
How to create realistic engine behaviors with Le Sound AudioMotors? Visit @Gobbler article: https://t.co/AuXKuoPVmf… https://t.co/Zlt0aOY0qw
LESOUND @lesoundpro Wednesday February 13, 2019
We are proud to announce the release of AudioWind and AudioRain plugins for #Wwise @audiokinetic. Synthesizers dedi… https://t.co/aVsMggyXwQ
Audio Commons @AudioCommons (retweeted by @lesoundpro) Tuesday February 12, 2019
Now that AudioCommons has come to an end, will it live on its legacy? We share ideas and contributions in the lates… https://t.co/mSkQRdXfcH
LESOUND @lesoundpro Thursday February 7, 2019
We are proud to announce the release of AudioWind and AudioRain plugins for @fmodstudio! Synthesizers dedicated to… https://t.co/NnbTWDyeiW
FMOD @fmodstudio (retweeted by @lesoundpro) Thursday February 7, 2019
FMOD Studio 1.10.11 is now available for download. AudioRain, AudioWind plug-ins and more. https://t.co/2Ww9OkV40a https://t.co/n7sIDBVG3o
MTG-UPF @mtg_upf (retweeted by @lesoundpro) Friday November 30, 2018
Integrate and transform @freesounddev content in your DAW with AudioTexture Free, a new audio plugin by @lesoundpro… https://t.co/upPb3r0x4a
LESOUND @lesoundpro Tuesday November 20, 2018
Le Sound Black Friday Sales! Use the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY while checking out: https://t.co/ljbDPfezfH… https://t.co/rTytUzJI5D
Appetite For Production @a4ppodcast (retweeted by @lesoundpro) Sunday November 18, 2018
--PODCAST #19-- In the plugin browser this episode: @lesoundpro's SpaceMotors . . @InSessionAudio's Fruit Shake .… https://t.co/irQzvpAIwx
Appetite For Production @a4ppodcast (retweeted by @lesoundpro) Sunday November 4, 2018
--PODCAST EPISODE 18-- @xferrecords Serum vs @VengeanceSound Avenger, Hans Zimmer vs Spongebob, @lesoundpro's Spac… https://t.co/8mdXBRVYYS
Audio Commons @AudioCommons (retweeted by @lesoundpro) Thursday October 25, 2018
Today Audio Commons will be at @AbbeyRoad Studios with @semanticaudio to show a number of tools for music productio… https://t.co/3VXspkF9oi
LESOUND @lesoundpro Friday October 19, 2018
SpaceMotors is available now! A sci-fi vehicle sound synthesizer to easily create complex dynamic engine sounds suc… https://t.co/SWhpb8V7hp
KVR Audio @kvraudio (retweeted by @lesoundpro) Friday October 19, 2018
Le Sound releases SpaceMotors - Futuristic sci-fi vehicle sound synthesizer https://t.co/ueUahB7Pwv @lesoundpro
LESOUND @lesoundpro Tuesday February 13, 2018
AudioTexture: Generate infinitely sounds, variations or loops for a given sound file. https://t.co/SwsyUOk878… https://t.co/5eKhBkpoJ0
LESOUND @lesoundpro Tuesday February 13, 2018
@MusicTechMag Yes.
MusicTech @MusicTechMag (retweeted by @lesoundpro) Monday February 12, 2018
Could @lesoundpro's new plugin revolutionise your sound design? https://t.co/xBlWtSsHeq https://t.co/KRMbZ2Nghm
LESOUND @lesoundpro Tuesday January 9, 2018
Efficient post production using Le Sound Bundle #postproduction #sounddesign #plug-ins #gameaudio https://t.co/7mYnG9afi4
LESOUND @lesoundpro Thursday December 21, 2017
Our Sound design plugins are available on the Avid Marketplace #Audio #Plug-ins #Avid #Protools #Postproduction https://t.co/5fTNxgo5Tw
LESOUND @lesoundpro Thursday December 7, 2017
Reshape is a sound design tool based on exploring gesture usage to give new expression means to sound creators. https://t.co/kkALtZpowU
ROLI @WeAreROLI (retweeted by @lesoundpro) Wednesday August 30, 2017
Every #LightpadBlock now comes with an exclusive 30% discount on @lesoundpro's amazing ReShape plugin! https://t.co/V8dladm9bj
LESOUND @lesoundpro Thursday July 6, 2017
Create your engine sound with AudioMotors for your Films, Video games and more. #sounddesign #engine #motors #fmod https://t.co/0vMm7KNqaS
LESOUND @lesoundpro Friday June 23, 2017
Last week for Le Sound Special Sale - up to 75% OFF for our unique sound design plugins ! https://t.co/DUtwy8STcx
LESOUND @lesoundpro Tuesday June 20, 2017
Generate your own sounds with NSynth https://t.co/uJLsoRXBC4
LESOUND @lesoundpro Friday June 9, 2017
Reshape - Sound Design Transformation Plugin - Features https://t.co/dgoWXDeZGZ #sounddesign #audioplugin #postproduction
LESOUND @lesoundpro Friday June 2, 2017
Custom Bundle Special Sale till June 30, more than 50% off including the latest plugin Reshape. https://t.co/DUtwy8STcx
Audiofanzine FR @audiofanzinefr (retweeted by @lesoundpro) Thursday June 1, 2017
ReShape et un bundle à la carte chez AudioGaming https://t.co/zndSm18JMn @AudioGaming
LESOUND @lesoundpro Thursday June 1, 2017
Le Sound Bundle - your ultimate #SoundDesign plugins for #GameAudio #PostProduction #FilmSound https://t.co/905EKkJiAp

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Le Sound is developing next-generation audio tools for sound designers and video game developers. They propose innovative solutions based on cutting-edge procedural audio research developed both internally and in partnership with internationally recognized laboratories.

Their products adopt a new and refreshing point of view, always giving control over the sound generation or sound processing in real-time. They extensively use sound manipulation and sound synthesis techniques to produce realistic and controllable sounds and effects.

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