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HIT'n'MIX Infinity isn’t just another audio editor. The possibilities are endless... Unlock audio. Work with the actual notes, harmonics and percussive sounds that...

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Sound & Recording Magazine Japan – June 2020
Monday June 22, 2020

“Hit’n’Mix Infinity, it allows you to separate parts from the two mixes and edit the pitch and timing of each part on the piano roll, is released. Each separated parts can be color-coded and played back solo. And they have their own tempo, scale and key detection.”

Read the full review (in Japanese) HERE

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DTM Japan – May 2020
Wednesday June 10, 2020

“Hit’n’Mix Infinity is an incredible audio editor that breaks the mould, allowing you to view ordinary audio data as if it were MIDI data, and edit the content of the sounds that make up the audio in any way you wish.”

Read the full review (in Japanese) HERE

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Keys & Recording Magazine Germany – June 2020
Monday June 8, 2020

“Hit’n’Mix Infinity is almost like the audiophile counterpart to Photoshop – a creative tool that offers much more than just traditional editing.”

Read the full review (in German) HERE

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Resolution Magazine UK – April 2020
Thursday June 4, 2020

“Infinity 4.5 now offers the ability to rip and export video and MIDI files, import and paint your own samples into rips via the Instrument Palette, auto-detect and set BPMs, tempo, scales and keys and remove noise.”

Read the full piece HERE

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Hit’n’Mix Infinity 4.7 Update
Thursday June 4, 2020

We are pleased to announce the imminent release of Hit’n’Mix Infinity 4.7, featuring the following enhancements and bug fixes:


  • Can now create toolbars below the Hit’n’Mix menu bar
  • Can now add custom menus to the Hit’n’Mix menu bar
  • Instrument Palette:
    • Renamed Sound Palette
    • Now implemented as a permanent toolbar, auto-loaded at startup
    • Simplified and moved optional parameters to Audioshop and Note Editor for context-based display
    • Audition playback no longer sometimes warbled and new pitches not automatically generated
    • Removed from the RipScript menu as now permanently running as core component of Hit’n’Mix
  • Audioshop:
    • Draw Sound tool:
      • Much more responsive
      • Add sounds by clicking and dragging to right, and then dragging to left to shorten
      • Added Original Pitch and Whole Sound options
    • Join tool more flexible, joining notes further apart
    • Simplified and now implemented as a permanent toolbar, auto-loaded at startup
    • Added Edit Unpitched tool for copying/pasting/deleting/duplicating/removing noise from high resolution selected regions of audio
    • On all tools it is now possible to click to set playhead/cursor
    • Shortcut keys 0-9 and Shift+1 now assigned to Audioshop tools
    • Separate mouse cursor for each tool to identify current tool more easily
    • Removed from the RipScript menu as now permanently running as core component of Hit’n’Mix
    • Buttons to open/close other RipScripts like mappers, the Note Editor and Noise Removal added contextually to different tool option toolbars
    • When right-clicking, an Audioshop menu now appears rather than the old-style toolbar for localised setting of tool
  • Note Editor:
    • Much faster editing and rendering
    • Improved playback with cursor and Stop button added
    • Added grid markings and time references
    • Double-clicking note no longer runs the Note Editor as couldn’t be consistent over all editing modes. Note Editor now has a button on the Move/Resize tool’s options bar
    • Mousewheel support added for quick scrolling through time
  • Added Panning Mapper which supersedes and replaces the previous stereo sweep RipScripts
  • Export removed from RipScript menu as available from the File menu
  • Chord Creator:
    • Improved workflow
    • More responsive
  • Tempo Info now a toolbar
  • Info Window RipScript template now Info Toolbar
  • Various cosmetic improvements
  • Tidied up RipScript menus and submenus structure


  • It is now possible to zoom out to show the entire rip. The rip notes are shown in a simplified form when zoomed out a certain amount for a clearer presentation
  • It is now possible to duplicate note and time selections using Edit>Duplicate (Ctrl/Cmd+D)
  • It is now possible to use Edit>Revert To Original to return the rip to its original unedited state. Note this is only possible on rips created with Hit’n’Mix 4.7.0 onwards
  • Deleting lots of notes now much faster
  • Left side of keyboard is now a grip for moving pitch range displayed up/down when zoomed in
  • Master BPM now displayed with current rip name in top-right corner
  • Dragging barlines now snap to high amplitude potential beat points
  • Auto-saving disabled. Now Hit’n’Mix asks the user whether to save
  • Notes shown thicker when zoom in on pitch
  • Windows: When zooming in/out time region no longer flickers
  • Edit>Loop Selection (L) added to menu
  • Edit>Assign Layer now has shortcut A
  • Improved snapping of unpitched sound to beat markers when selecting
  • Higher resolution display of unpitched sound, with no banding
  • Shift+clicking rips in RipList now no longer deselects ones in the opposite direction to the current anchor
  • More undos, and limits undos if low on disk space


  • Instrument Panel renamed Layer Panel and instruments referred to as layers
  • Multiple Solos now supported
  • Master volume now adjustable
  • dB shown for level adjustments
  • Level slider less sensitive
  • Removed Edit>Unset Instrument as not very useful
  • Unset instruments now Unassigned layers
  • Added Assign Layer to layer menu
  • When add new layer, the currently selected notes/unpitched sound is automatically assigned to it
  • Removed unused instruments/layers from list so easier to add own, and less cluttered


  • Playback line displayed where notes non-existent or low in amplitude
  • Looped playback now plays within the loop, even if cursor currently outside it
  • Looped playback now plays from the cursor if within the loop
  • Now always auto-plays new selections even within loop markers


  • Tempo and beat detection much improved. Pre 4.7.0 files automatically reprocessed when loaded (can be undone)
  • 24-bit and 32-bit PCM WAV files now supported (previously only Float supported)
  • Now opens WAV files containing incorrect information about amount of data
  • Fixed issue where unpitched sound was not assigned correctly during single instrument rips
  • Improved Ripper Options descriptions
  • Closing the Ripper window now cancels the ripping within the Hit’n’Mix RipList panel
  • Hit’n’Mix now asks whether to rip at full speed or in the background the first time ripping is selected

Bug Fixes

  • Many bug fixes affecting all areas of operation

Hit’n’Mix Infinity 4.7 is a free update for existing owners. New to Hit’n’Mix Infinity? Get a free, 1-month trial HERE.

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Music Radar UK – April 2020
Wednesday June 3, 2020

“For so long we have been editing audio in a particular fashion, one of editing waveforms and analysing frequency spectrums. If you are a producer, sound designer or remixer who is looking for a different way to edit and manipulate audio, perhaps now is the time to check out the world’s first atomic audio editor from Hit’n’Mix.”

Read the full article HERE

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Sound On Sound UK – Jan 2020
Wednesday June 3, 2020

“[Hit’n’Mix] Infinity’s ability to pull out individual instruments within mixed music is extraordinary.”

Read the full review HERE

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Everything Is A Mash-Up
Wednesday June 3, 2020

Interview with top Ministry Of Sound & X Factor mashup artist Robin Skouteris

World-renowned mashup artist Robin Skouteris, was born in London but grew up in Greece. Obsessed with music as a child, from an early age he was often seen running around with his Walkman on, listening to 80s pop gems such as Cyndi Lauper, Michael Jackson, Black, Pet Shop Boys and many more. After studying film direction, it soon proved difficult finding work in Greece, so the logical next step was to learn music technology and start producing the musical ideas that had existed in his mind for years.

“I was always a huge music fan, spending all of my allowance on new albums, singles, tapes and vinyl. I always dreamt of making new versions of the pop hits I was listening to. So when the time came, I thought I should get a computer and make those thoughts a reality. I heard my first mashups when searching for music on the web back around 2004. I thought this is such an interesting thing. Two songs I already knew but mixing them both together sounded fresh, with a new personality! I immediately started working on my own ideas and played them at a local café I had started DJing at. I thought this could be the different thing that could make my sets stand out from the competition. It gives your own personality to already known hits, so I wanted to invest in this. As a DJ, I didn’t like just playing other people’s music without adding my own art to it. Something didn’t feel right, until then…”

Although one particular stand-out creator has never existed for Robin, he cites Marc Kinchen and Michael Cretu as his most influential producers and admires the likes of Dan Mei, Titus Jones, DJs From Mars and Kill_Mr_DJ from the mashup scene.

“I would say Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad’, Enigma’s ‘MCXMC a.D.’ and ‘Introspective’ by the Pet Shop Boys are some of my most influential albums. ‘Bad’ was a pop gem. Amazing crystal-sounding production, and such a different sound from all of MJ’s previous work. Who didn’t admire that guy back then? Enigma’s first album was a masterpiece. People didn’t even know producer Michael Cretu was behind this project. Everything was so mysterious, so moody. His use of samples in the early 90s was impressive, but the whole project was so original and unique, it actually jump-started the whole New Age movement for the whole decade. ‘Introspective’ by the Pet Shop Boys was also quite different for its time. It was an album of 6 extended tracks that were later edited as singles. Those long versions let the tracks evolve and breathe in a very housey and creative way for pop music. As far as I know, it was also one of the first mainstream dance records that included recordings of a full orchestra. I always admire albums that are game changers and bring something new to the table.”

From remixing the Scissor Sisters to creating official mashups for Ministry of Sound and the X Factor, collaboration has always been a large part of his work ethic.

“Ministry of Sound asked me to produce a house mashup for a collection of house tracks they released under the name DECADE, and it includes hits from the 2000 up to 2009. Such a fun project and crowd pleaser – I always play this mashup in my sets! Also, X Factor UK asked me to produce a remix to mark their 10 year anniversary, including winners and stars that came out of the show! I wasn’t familiar with all of the stars that resulted over the years, mainly because I don’t live in the UK, so it was fun to discover so much cool pop music to choose from! In the mashup scene, I have also done some cool collaborations with Kill_mR_DJ and I think we have some good chemistry and ideas when we work together!”

But which mashup creation is he most proud of so far?

“That would be a difficult question. How can you pick your favorite child? Hahaha. If I had to pick one, one of my latest mixes, POPLOVE 8: 2019 Vs 2010s comes to mind, because the concept was to combine the hits from 2019 with major hits from the whole decade, and that was so challenging and fun at the same time. To be honest, I didn’t like much of the music of 2019, so I came up with this concept where I can squeeze in some of my favorite hits from the last decade. I had a great time mixing this, with plenty of nostalgia hitting me in the face, listening to all those hits from previous years gone by. I think nostalgia is a very strong part of my mixing generally.

“I’ve just finished my 8th mashup album called “Music Therapy” which I released through my website and social media. It was during the coronavirus lockdown that I saw all of my projects and live gigs getting cancelled and this started to make me feel lonely and isolated in the house. But I pushed myself to make the situation creative, listened to lots of uplifting pop retro music which made my day and started mixing stuff with it. The result is a very colourful upbeat remix album, which takes hits from the 80s, 90s and some more recent hits, giving it a fresh take. I am so excited about this, I wish I had some gigs to play these tracks and enjoy people having fun with it. This record is made to make you dance.”

Interestingly, with 200k followers on Youtube and some hugely viewed videos, he says there isn’t any particular secret to his success.

“I just really do whatever feels good at the time. I always loved pop music, so pop means popular anyway. Sometimes it’s about a cool idea you might have and sometimes its pure luck that your videos go viral. Sometimes it all depends on who will post your stuff and advertise you. So you have to work on your own and try to push yourself out there. Sometimes I find myself complaining that my personal favorite mixes never get the credit I was hoping for, while others I did for fun or very quickly, became viral. You can never know what people are in the mood for, you can always hope and appreciate what’s coming for you!

Preferring to work on solo projects the last few years, he’s been taking his time on them in his home studio and believes that the younger you are, the more sociable and collaborative you are, but later in life you tend to isolate more, focus on your art and do your stuff quietly.

“At least I see that’s what happens in my case. I prefer to work alone at the house and then present the work in front of crowds and DJing which is exciting! I’ve always mainly used a computer, nothing too special. I always believed it’s how you use stuff, not what expensive equipment you have. I remember while studying music technology in London, as I delivered my projects, two teachers told me that my stuff sounded like I had taken it to a professional studio and not worked on it in my room on my pc. I was so flattered because I knew how much time I had spent the previous night tweaking the details on my headphones to make it sound good. So my computer and equipment was never nothing expensive and special. I could even work on a budget laptop, as long as I have my favourite software. That’s the trick I guess, I keep upgrading the way I work through software and plugins.

My process has changed over the years and I like to try different stuff. Sometimes you just have an idea that works right in your head, so you try that out. But maybe some lyrics sound good combined? Every time, the reason to bring some songs together can be different and that’s the beauty of it. There is no specific recipe and music brings out different stuff in you. I might try mixing two things in some DJ software, or I might try something in an editing program. I ALWAYS start with two songs and then decide what I can create from them, unless I have a themed mashup and that requires me to fit many tracks together under one roof. This is usually the most challenging kind of approach, but the rewards are great in the end. For example, on my new album, there is a track called ‘Loneliness’ and all the songs in it talk about being lonely. I didn’t know if they would fit together, so I tried many things and I think the result sounds good enough. Ironically, it’s not a sad song.

So what does he like most aboutHit’n’Mix Infinity?

“It’s very original. I saw the demo online and I was stunned with what it can do. I still have a lot to learn, and I can’t wait to use it full-time on my next projects. I used it on three tracks on my last album and it was so helpful forchopping and alternating vocals andcleaning sounds and acapellas forremixing. What I like the most is how it analyses the sound and its many layers, and manipulates one specific sound without affecting the others. For example, on my disco mashup ‘Funking Outside’, George Michael was singing over some backing vocalists, and the whole acapella was sounding so full, that I couldn’t use one specific phrase he sang. With Hit’n’Mix Infinity, I was able to separate his solo performance from the background and use only the phrases I needed. I have never been able to do this before with any other software and the polyphonic analysis is astounding. Hit’n’Mix Infinity seems likebrand new technology that will be very helpful in the future for us remixers. There are so many other things that the software does, and I can’t wait to really dig in! Seems I’m just getting started with it!”

So what does he believe is the future of music technology and interactive media?

Hit’n’Mix is on the right track, taking audio files that are out there, and manipulating them in ways we couldn’t do before. I guess technology is heading that way. We’ve been using natural sources since the day we started making music, but technology is bringing so many new possibilities to the game by manipulating what we already have. If I had to talk about us remixers, mashupers and DJs specifically, we heavily rely on technology and the manipulation of sound. Our whole lives and careers are online and that makes things move so fast, that we are not even sure what the trends are anymore, but that’s what we need to take advantage of. Now that the whole music scene relies on online exposure, any one of us can make a difference. WE can set the trends because we have a voice. Anyone of us could be the next big thing, if we prove that we do our thing with passion. It’s a time where anyone can shine.”

Finally, for anyone wanting to be a future mashup star, he has some valuable advice.

“I am not saying anything new that people haven’t been saying that for years but just be yourself and do what you do. Do what you love. Don’t compromise. The music industry has been evolving into record company-driving robotic hits that have no soul, and that only comes from people that compromise. They compromise about fame and money, but we need to change that, and take music back to where it belongs. The art.

We have to give our personalities to everything we do, otherwise there is no point in doing it at all. Ironically, that comes from a mashup DJ that has been working around pop music all his life, but the whole thing is that we have to put our own ideas on things and create new stuff. Even if a remix is based on something that someone else did, that’s how things in art work. You take an idea, add your own and then take things in new directions. So express yourself, don’t be afraid of your ideas, show them to the world. Everything can be creation, everything can be art, everything is a mashup.”

Check out Robin Skouteris here.

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Hit’n’Mix Infinity 4.5 Update
Monday March 9, 2020

We are pleased to announce the imminent release of Hit’n’Mix Infinity 4.5, featuring the following enhancements and bug fixes:

Importing & Exporting

  • macOS Only: import MP4, M4V, MOV, QT Apple QuickTime video files compatible with macOS Catalina and Final Cut Pro X. Edit audio, synced to video. Export MP4 and MOV files.
  • MIDI file export
  • MIDI file import
  • macOS Only: import non-DRM M4A, AAC files


  • Improved vocal/speech ripping for Voice ripper option (replaces Vocals)
  • Stereo panning information now stored per layer and harmonic for stereo playback improvements


  • Draw Pitch editing mode moved inside Audioshop RipScript
  • Right-click over rip opens/relocates Audioshop RipScript near pointer for quick access
  • Double-click on note opens it in Note Editor RipScript
  • Edit>Paste And Fit Tempo (Ctrl+Shift+V) now fits copied and pasted audio to the destination tempo/BPM.
  • BPM shown next to Rip in RipList during hover and barline dragging
  • Shows more beat marker divisions when zoomed in
  • Snap To Beat Markers option added to View menu. Applies to loop region, note selection, and note time dragging
  • Time bar added above rip and moved barline handles below rip
  • Pitch-zoom with click+drag over keyboard and Time-zoom with click+drag over time bar
  • Loop bar added for playing loops. Press L to loop current selection. Click and drag on the loop bar to mark a section. Click and drag on loop marked to move it, or edges to resize. Click outside loop to cancel loop.
  • Fixed paused at end of looped playback
  • Disabled auto-play on marking selection rectangles when notes are within the loop marker
  • Can now set musical scale for whole rip and also scale/key changes from starts of given bars.
  • Shares region below rip for barline edits so can easily add/edit key changes.
  • Auto detect scale (for minor and major keys)
  • Snap to Semitone Guides option added to View menu
  • Quantize Pitch, Correct Pitch and Flatten Pitch effects all mould to the semitones available in the current scale


  • Load waveform samples automatically (via ripping) using new button in the Instrument Palette
  • Audioshop uses snap to time and snap to pitch
  • Pure percussion samples now supported in Instrument Palette and Audioshop etc
  • Click without drag to draw whole sample in Audioshop Draw Instrument tool
  • Blue cursor when a RipScript has control of UI
  • Button at top of Audioshop toolbar to cancel tool
  • RipScripts now receive mouse and keyboard messages even when do not have control
  • Note Editor updated to not require control when selecting notes for editing
  • Stopped Audioshop cloning tool forgetting which note is being cloned after switching to another tool and back again
  • Now shows dB level under pointer in Note Editor
  • Added All, Selection, Loop options to Export.
  • Export now saves MIDI, MP4 and MOV (MP4 and MOV macOS only) files
  • File>Export checks for file existing and removes before attempting to export. Also supports Enter and Esc key presses
  • Audioshop opens up as a rectangle with several columns rather than a single strip.
  • Audioshop Replace Instrument, Cutter and Join tools added
  • Audioshop Draw Instrument and Replace Instrument tools now include local instrument palette drop down boxes for easy access
  • Instrument Palette now includes a Category drop down to handle support of more instruments easier. Categories are defined by individual Palette rips in the RipList which can be renamed or removed/loaded back as required.
  • Added Noise Removal RipScript for removing background and foreground noise from selected notes and unpitched sound, with a frequency range option
  • Chord Creator streamlined. No longer updates selected notes on startup. Key Detect button.
  • Inharmonicity slider added.
  • Improvements to SliceRange.mix_in() mean more accurate painting of timbre from one note to another in Note Editor.
  • Added Pitch Mapper to adjust pitch over a selection

User Interface

  • Updated Windows mouse pointers
  • Ctrl+Tab swaps between current and previous rip, also added item to View menu

Playback & Exporting

  • Added playback sample rate option to preferences
  • Runs the File>Export RipScript from the main File>Export item
  • Solo button in Instrument Panel


  • Revised manual
  • Revised Interactive Help

Bug Fixes

  • Various bug fixes

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Hit’n’Mix Infinity Launched
Thursday July 11, 2019

Hit’n’Mix Infinity, the note-based audio editor, has been officially launched today.

Using TrueSource technology, it is capable of separating full mix tracks into individual, fully editable notes.

Access with surgical precision the harmonics, frequencies, amplitudes, phase and panning that characterize them, and edit audio in a highly visual and tactile note-based environment.

Included are tools such as Audioshop, Draw Pitch, Infinity Scale, Chord Creator and Note Editor, making it possible to discover new creative ideas such as:

  • Vocal Transplanting – replacing an instrumental phrase with a vocal phrase that has the exact same pitches & timing
  • Creating Timbral Fades, for example, fading a note between two instruments
  • Building suspense with an infinite glissando (slide)

Many of these tools are RipScripts. These are based on the easy and popular Python 3 programming language. It is possible to write your own RipScripts with the built-in RipScript Editor featuring auto-completion and pop-up descriptions of functions.

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Hit'n'Mix updates to Infinity to v4.7 - Revamped UI and enhanced editing capabilities https://t.co/RDwmNWKhbB
HitnMix Infinity @HitnMix Friday June 5, 2020
Read our new interview with world-renowned mashup artist @robinskouteris - talking about his career so far, his new… https://t.co/emsCnP1KrR
Audiofanzine FR @audiofanzinefr (retweeted by @HitnMix) Friday June 5, 2020
Hit'n'Mix Infinity mis à jour à la version 4.7 https://t.co/wD8MWkXEKP
Toolfarm 🎥📹🖥🎹🎮 @toolfarm (retweeted by @HitnMix) Thursday June 4, 2020
Update: Hit’n’Mix Infinity 4.7 Update + an Interview + Tutorial https://t.co/Gu2C15LKVU https://t.co/AZaScTaBFQ
sonicstate @sonicstate (retweeted by @HitnMix) Friday June 5, 2020
Atomic Audio Editor Gets An Update: Hit'n'Mix Infinity 4.7 features a revamped UI and enhanced editing capabilities… https://t.co/CKFz6ayBLx
変態c-mos℠ @CMOStone (retweeted by @HitnMix) Thursday June 4, 2020
Hit'n'Mix Infinity 4.7出ました。 https://t.co/Dd2b6mXkjI
HitnMix Infinity @HitnMix Thursday June 4, 2020
We are excited to announce the release of @HitnMix Infinity 4.7 - now with a revamped UI and enhanced editing capab… https://t.co/ztpzvqGe0q
KEYS-Magazin @keysmagazin (retweeted by @HitnMix) Thursday May 28, 2020
Die neue KEYS 06/2020 ist ab sofort erhältlich! Titeltest: Roland Jupiter-Xm. Der digitale Synthesizer vereint in… https://t.co/d77GXFrQt0
HitnMix Infinity @HitnMix Tuesday May 26, 2020
Mashup artist @robinskouteris recently used @HitnMix Infinity on his new album! Keep an eye out for our full interv… https://t.co/q07ggjQEvp
HitnMix Infinity @HitnMix Wednesday May 20, 2020
@HideakiKuroda If you can send an example .wav to help@hitnmix.com we can take a look into it for you. Thanks :)
Real World Records @RealWorldRec (retweeted by @HitnMix) Wednesday April 22, 2020
Calling all DJs, remixers and producers: Get creative under lockdown with a sample pack of remix stems from… https://t.co/T4cFwSbDaB
HitnMix Infinity @HitnMix Monday May 18, 2020
Win 1 of 5 FREE copies of @HitnMix Infinity throughout May: https://t.co/8TkfXqnKwB #sounddesign #soundengineer… https://t.co/p3IgEqWToT
HitnMix Infinity @HitnMix Friday May 15, 2020
A useful watch on how to create Pro Tools templates for post production (via @asoundeffect):… https://t.co/VfXnVKKae5
日𫞂音樂 @ceoldiy (retweeted by @HitnMix) Wednesday May 13, 2020
噂の浜崎様のアカペラ公開、当方も何か作ってみよう…と、まず下ごしらえ。 Hit’n’Mixにて時空を超越したボーカルディレクション。主に このまちのドゥオこかデッエェ〜〜 を このまちのどこかでー に歌い直していただき、… https://t.co/Q1R50EILTd
CNET @CNET (retweeted by @HitnMix) Thursday May 23, 2019
Stanford scientists created a sound so loud it instantly boils water https://t.co/kje8euEiBb https://t.co/YoMoW2o99R
aki310 @fox_aki310ooooo (retweeted by @HitnMix) Thursday May 7, 2020
話題の耳コピ+音楽編集アプリHit'n'Mix Infinityを試してみたけどほぼ完璧で強い https://t.co/AI1MxSrJdj
GOROman @GOROman (retweeted by @HitnMix) Tuesday May 5, 2020
次世代耳コピツール?Hit’n’Mix Infinityを試してみた。 mp3とかをD&Dすると解析してくれる。 https://t.co/sKESrl2kZ9
HitnMix Infinity @HitnMix Monday May 4, 2020
Watch out new video--> How to use @HitnMix Infinity to create a #remix using a combination of different rips and… https://t.co/7cqDvqnFOV
TACSYSTEM @TACSYSTEM (retweeted by @HitnMix) Saturday May 2, 2020
Hit'n'Mix Infinityを使用して既存の2ミックスの楽曲にハーモニーを加える作業の実際についてDTMステーションの藤本健様にレビュー記事を執筆していただきました。従来の音楽制作の常識を覆す素晴らしい製品となっております… https://t.co/O3b2UTWRDx
Thorsten Meyer @Thorsten_Meyer_ (retweeted by @HitnMix) Sunday May 3, 2020
Hit’n’Mix Infinity 4.5 – The World’s First Atomic Audio Editor https://t.co/DViofgVpzg https://t.co/Wy27jzGrA0
NAMM @NAMM (retweeted by @HitnMix) Friday May 1, 2020
Daniel Levitin has worked with Joni Mitchell, Stevie Wonder & countless other musicians. He says that when we hear… https://t.co/3DnsV96QiS
日𫞂音樂 @ceoldiy (retweeted by @HitnMix) Thursday April 30, 2020
こうして加工した素材を使用し、小曲を作ってみました #DTM #DAW #打ち込み #hitnmix #infinity #TACSYSTEM #jazz #ジャズ #サンプリング #ループ https://t.co/PCfMDsRIfj
HitnMix Infinity @HitnMix Friday May 1, 2020
Win 1 of 5 FREE copies of @HitnMix Infinity throughout May: https://t.co/8TkfXqnKwB #sounddesign #soundengineer… https://t.co/PEjJ6hOXzH
日𫞂音樂 @ceoldiy (retweeted by @HitnMix) Thursday April 30, 2020
Hit'n'Mixを使ってのコード変更 Cmaj9 - Am7 ↓ Cmaj9 - Fmmaj13 素敵なサウンド/音色のサンプル素材は概してジャズで多用されるようなコードクオリティのものがないので斯様に欲しい和声構造を自作で… https://t.co/LtlluJaK69
Rock oN Company @RockoNCompany (retweeted by @HitnMix) Monday April 27, 2020
【訂正:5/6まで】 Infinity 4.5 ★Hit'n'Mix Infinityスタートアップキャンペーン! キャンペーン終了日に誤りがありました。正しくは5/6までとなりますのでお詫びして訂正致します。… https://t.co/5MJJjP4men
HitnMix Infinity @HitnMix Monday April 27, 2020
Some interesting lockdown reading via @protoolsexpert--> What Is Acoustic Phase? Make Sure You Know The Basics:… https://t.co/K6EUrQgIfu
HitnMix Infinity @HitnMix Friday April 24, 2020
We were recently sent these very kind words by one of our new customers. If you haven't already, upgrade to… https://t.co/ZA2nzyNJ5z
HitnMix Infinity @HitnMix Tuesday April 21, 2020
If you haven't seen it yet, here's great #documentary covering #remix culture, #copyright and #content creation in… https://t.co/CYXCO1tZqP
HitnMix Infinity @HitnMix Tuesday April 21, 2020
@wppwah @AndrewWakeham @Kitsunelaine @SkullPioneer @Point31 If you might need to separate, manipulate and create re… https://t.co/YuEKXC269a
HitnMix Infinity @HitnMix Tuesday April 21, 2020
@Helendoes @thepodcastspace @TrakoZG @steve_asbell For a modern audio editing option, take a look at @Hit'n'Mix Inf… https://t.co/Lw62grLOnX
HitnMix Infinity @HitnMix Sunday April 19, 2020
@theplugforwater @jameswy2010 @theweeknd You should take a look at @HitnMix Infinity: https://t.co/cJU3kQRIbV
Toolfarm 🎥📹🖥🎹🎮 @toolfarm (retweeted by @HitnMix) Sunday April 19, 2020
NAB Sale: Hit ‘n’ Mix Infinity – 20% Off thru April 25, 2020 https://t.co/U0e52zXOZv https://t.co/2ZypZ7YQty
HitnMix Infinity @HitnMix Thursday April 16, 2020
How to add an infinite #glissando (slide) effect using @HitnMix Infinity 4.5. Upgrade now or download a free, 1 mon… https://t.co/tfOmOeLgWx
MicamLing(ミカム・リン) @MicamLing (retweeted by @HitnMix) Wednesday April 15, 2020
hit n mix infinity箱は無いものだと思ってたけどパンフレット的なものがあってビックリ。 今週末は楽しめるぞ。 #hit n mix infiniy https://t.co/8ABnwSZ0Zk
TACSYSTEM @TACSYSTEM (retweeted by @HitnMix) Tuesday April 14, 2020
20%オフのスタートアップキャンペーンが大好評の世界初のアトミック・オーディオ・エディター、Hit'n'Mix Infinityはもうお試しになりましたか? 日本語字幕チュートリアル動画も続々とアップして参りますので、ご期待下さい… https://t.co/ypoXwtCqOL
ヒの字 (Hideki Inoue) @hidekinoway (retweeted by @HitnMix) Friday April 10, 2020
Hit’n’Mix Infinityをデモっているんだけど、あるお方のノイズ処理してない声にトランペットの音を割り当てたら、サージェント・ペパーズの終わりみたいになって楽しかったのでしばらく聴き入ってしまった。… https://t.co/99B4lb9HDj
HitnMix Infinity @HitnMix Wednesday April 8, 2020
Top producer @guysigsworth endorses @hitnmix Infinity! #musicproducer #musicproduction #musicsoftware… https://t.co/nILZtDpodG
超DTM速報 @superdtmbot (retweeted by @HitnMix) Tuesday April 7, 2020
究極の耳コピソフト?魔法のピッチ修正ツール?それとも新手のDAW?従来の常識を覆すオーディオエディタ、Hit’n’Mix Infinity、日本上陸 ≪藤本健の “DTMステーション”≫ https://t.co/E1Zwv1djRE
Rock oN Company @RockoNCompany (retweeted by @HitnMix) Tuesday April 7, 2020
Infinity 4.5 ★Hit'n'Mix Infinityスタートアップキャンペーン! 5/7まで! https://t.co/0w7pj5xK7m https://t.co/rGFhcpqBri

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HIT'n'MIX are the creators of the innovative new atomic audio editor Infinity.

HIT'n'MIX Ltd is a music software and technology company founded in 2009 and based in London, United Kingdom. The company was set up to develop source separation and audio editing technology.

HIT'n'MIX Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Neuratron Group Ltd which also owns Neuratron Ltd, developer of professional music recognition software such as PhotoScore Ultimate and AudioScore Ultimate.

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