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Puremix Acoustic Drums Enhancements

There is a lot more to the drum sounds you hear on the radio than meets the ear. The problem is that it can be very hard to figure out how they sound that way just by...
Puremix Advanced Vocal Compression

Coming after Transparent Vocal Compression, if you are still having trouble with singers who want you to over compress their vocals, this tutorial will help you out....
Puremix Andrew Scheps Mixing Fly Rasta In The Box

Andrew Scheps is one of the top mixing engineers in the world today. He earned his stripes - and Grammys - by mixing hit records for everyone from Adèle to The Red Hot...
Puremix Andrew Scheps Mixing Template

Multi-platinum mix engineer Andrew Scheps, walks you through his entire mixing template, track by track, revealing the in the box mixing setup that he uses on every...
Puremix Beat Production (Premium)

Producer Ben Lindell shows how to produce a R&B beat with his midi keyboard and virtual instruments. He starts with a simple piano idea and adds the rhythmic...
Puremix Carlos Bedoya Mixing Brazilian Girls

Brazilian Girls are a funky and eccentric dance music group from NYC and in this full-length mixing tutorial Grammy winner Carlos “El Loco” Bedoya mixes their single...
Puremix Creating Space with Reverbs

If you have ever listened to the same song 25 times in a row pressing your headphones really hard on your ears to try and figure out what kind of reverb is being used,...
Puremix Darrell Thorp Mixing Future Elevators

In this full-length mixing tutorial, Grammy winner Darrell Thorp teaches you all of the tricks and techniques he uses to help enhance dream-pop indie rockers Future...
Puremix Distortion Techniques with Andrew Scheps

Distortion. Is it good? Bad? Right? Wrong? The answer is Yes. Distortion comes in many flavors. It can be used to enhance sounds by adding harmonic complexity or as a...
Puremix Fab Dupont Mixing Template

Make Any Session Feel Like Home Starting every mix from scratch wastes hours of precious mixing time and keeps you from creating consistent sounding mixes. The key to...
Puremix Fab Dupont Mixing With Pro Tools 12

Learn how a Grammy winning producer/engineer mixes a song using only the tools included with Pro Tools 12. This 2.5 hour tutorial features the song "Jealousy" by...
Puremix Flash Mixing a DJ Colette Song (Premium)

In less than 25 minutes, Fab Dupont demonstrates a quick but quality mix of an electro-pop song. Putting himself in a realistic...
Puremix How To EQ Vocals

The vocal tends to be the most important part of modern popular music. It's everywhere, front and center, but anyone who's ever tried to mix a record will know that's...
Puremix How to Listen

We all know how to hear, it's natural, but knowing how to listen is a learned skill. It takes practice and it takes thought. Knowing how to listen is the key to making...
Puremix How to Use an 1176 Compressor (Premium)

The venerable and very useful 1176 compressor from Universal Audio has few controls but they are powerful and sometimes confusing. In this video Fab explains all...
Puremix How to use Melodyne on vocals

For those of you who deal with singers or kazoo players who are not necessarily 100% in tune (you know who you are) here is a video on how to make the most of...
Puremix How To Use Multiband Compression

If you haven’t seen 'How to Use an 1176 Compressor' and aren’t familiar with compressor settings in general, we suggest you watch that one first as this tutorial...
Puremix Hybrid Digital-Analog Mixing

In this one hour and twenty seven point three minutes extravaganza Fab mixes a new track from Indie Pop band Plastic Days. Starting from scratch and explaining every...
Puremix I-O Setup in Pro Tools

Do you use Pro Tools? If yes, you cannot keep on living without watching this video. We know you're not quite sure what the Pro Tools I/O setup window does, how it...

Learn how Grammy-winning mix engineer Andrew Scheps mixed the Green Day single "Bang Bang". In this exclusive mixing tutorial, Andrew opens up his final mixing...
Puremix Inside the Mix - RHCP with Andrew Scheps

This is your chance to see how Grammy-winning engineer/producer Andrew Scheps mixed the legendary rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers' song Pink as Floyd. Learn how a...
Puremix Inside The Mix Pharrell Williams and Daft Punk

Grammy winner Mick Guzauski opens up his final mixing session and gives you a look into how he polished Pharrell's production on the hit "Gust of Wind" featuring Daft...
Puremix John Paterno Mixing Robbie Williams

Sit next to Grammy winner John Paterno while he explains to you, step-by-step, how he mixed Robbie Williams' hit song: "Don't Stop Talking". Through this amazing 3...
Puremix Luca Pretolesi Mixing Major Lazer

Multi-platinum mixing and mastering engineer Luca Pretolesi takes you step by step through his entire mixing and mastering process for Major Lazer’s hit single "Light...
Puremix Mark Needham Mixing Imagine Dragons

Mark Needham is a Grammy nominated and multi-platinum mix engineer who has a track record for not only mixing hit records but also working early in the careers of...
Puremix Mastering The Song Caribbean Raider

As a conclusion to our series of videos on the song "Carribean Raider" by Grand Baton, Fab Dupont puts on his mastering engineer cap to coax the song towards the final...
Puremix Mastering Tools

Mastering, the black art of the audio process... In this video, Fab Dupont features 8 tools you need to own and learn to be able to master records like the pros....
Puremix Mixing a Pop song Open Eyed

In this video, Fab Dupont mixes a Pop song from scratch using a Universal Audio Apollo and his laptop. Those of you who watch the Apollo launch video for Namm 2012...
Puremix Mixing Dubstep in Pro Tools

In this 68 minute video, Fab Dupont reverse engineers his own mix of the dubstep style song called 'Carribean' by Grand Baton. Fab emphasizes the techniques required...
Puremix Mixing Hip Hop Song Break Bread with Ryan West

Ryan West has worked with the biggest hip hop names in the industry (Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Dr. Dre, Rihanna, Eminem…). In this 100 minutes long video, he mixes the song...
Puremix Mixing Howlin in Pro Tools 11

See for yourself how Ben Lindell mixes Amber Skye’s ‘Howlin’ in the box using Avid Pro Tools 11. Using his unique approach to routing and a hybrid workflow, he...
Puremix Mixing Jay Stolar

In this three part video series, Fab Dupont takes a live recording of Jay Stolar’s ‘Fall Apart’ and turns it into a finished mix. Presonus Studio One was used for the...
Puremix Mixing Periscope

After many requests from all over the world Fab takes on a full in the box mix in Cubase. Featuring the stylings of NYC band Plastic Days, Fab mixes the song from...
Puremix Mixing Singer Songwriter

You're handed one track: a singer and his guitar recorded with one microphone and you need to deliver it to the masses. How hard can it be? What does one do? Why? In...
Puremix Mixing the Song Set It Off in Logic

In this one hour fourty-ish video, Fab Dupont mixes the dance-pop song "Set It Off" from scratch, starting with the producer's rough mix, ending with a finished mix,...
Puremix Mixing the song Words to Say in Pro Tools

You may have seen producer Fab Dupont and the South African band The Arrows take the song ‘Words to Say’ from demo track to a mix-ready session in the free 6 part...
Puremix Mixing Wash Wash in Logic Pro

In this video, Fab takes an hour and a half to show how to mix a hip-hop song in Logic Pro. The song, called Wash Wash, is off the legendary Nigerian artist ELDee The...
Puremix Mixing with Pro Tools plug-ins

In this tutorial, you will learn how to mix music in Pro Tools. Fab mixes a full song, step by step, explaining every setting, using only Pro Tools 9 stock plug-ins....
Puremix Mixing with UAD plug-ins

Fab mixes a 4 track acoustic song (vocal, banjo, guitar & room microphones) step by step explaining every setting, using only UAD plugins. Chapters: -Vocal Eq and...
Puremix Parallel Drum Compression

Fab discusses the ever mysterious process of parallel processing, in this case using compression on drums also known as New York Style Compression. This is a step by...
Puremix Producing Guitar Sounds (Premium)

In this video, Fab Dupont and Grand Baton share the secrets behind Grand Baton's incredible guitar tones. Guitar by guitar, pedal by pedal, amp by amp, mic by mic,...
Puremix Puremix - 3 Months Subscription

Puremix has created quite a name for itself by bringing really clear and insightful tutorials to the web to assist those persons who haven't had access to the...
Puremix Puremix - One Year Subscription

Puremix has created quite a name for itself by bringing really clear and insightful tutorials to the web to assist those persons who haven't had access to the...
Puremix Recording Bass Drum 1 Mic

Fab explores the best positions used to record a bass drum and compares the different sounds of the most popular microphones for that purpose. Chapters: -Overview of...
Puremix Recording Bass Drum 2 Mics

Fab looks at how to record a bass drum with two microphones and explores the benefits (and problems) of doing that. Chapters: -Best positions with D112 + 47FET -Best...
Puremix Recording Drum Set 1 Mic

Fab moves an AKG C12 around until the drum set sounds good with just one microphone. Chapters: -Multiple mic positions -Multiple gobo positions -Multiple drum...
Puremix Recording Electric Guitar Amps

Fab examines the process of recording an electric guitar amp. By focusing on things like placement and angles as well as listening to a few different microphones and...
Puremix Recording Levels

Here you are, mic in place, instrument ready, player playing, life is good, one question remains: just how loud should you record that triangle part? Loud, very loud,...
Puremix Recording Singer Songwriter 1 Mic

In this video, Fab Dupont demonstrates how to record the great Julian Peterson with only one microphone. Thing is, Julian does not only sing, he can also play the...
Puremix Ryan Hewitt Mixing Blink 182

Learn how Grammy winner Ryan Hewitt mixes the pop-punk superstars Blink 182 Building on the foundation and starting point from Ryan's Mixing Template Tutorial, in...
Puremix Ryan Hewitt Mixing Template

Grammy Award winner Ryan Hewitt walks you through his ingenious mixing template, showing you how he sets up every session to work with his unique hybrid mixing...
Puremix Special FX for Vocals

Have you aver struggled with your vocal tracks not sounding as good as the ones on your favorite record? In this video, famous producer Fab Dupont shows how you how...
Puremix Start to Finish Tracking Rock With Vance Powell

Getting a hard hitting, thick, and punchy rock track doesn’t just come together in the mix, it starts with a vision and sonic direction from an experienced producer...
Puremix Stem Mixing and Loudness Control

In this video, Fab Dupont focuses on the numerous benefits derived from working with stems: faster workflow, more versatility to achieve your desired sound (especially...
Puremix Study of Compressor Controls Part 2

This video is the second part of our exclusive series on compression controls. After learning about the compression basics such as threshold and ratio in the first...
Puremix Tracking Acoustic Guitar

This tutorial will show you how to record acoustic guitar. Fab explores recording a guitarist with several cheap and less cheap microphones and compares the different...
Puremix Transparent Vocal Compression

Learn advanced compression techniques in order to process and compress your vocal track. Fab discusses how to compress a vocal track without ruining it. Chapters:...
Puremix UAD Analog Classics Bundle Explained

You bought a Universal Audio Apollo or a UAD PCI card so you got a bunch of free plugins with it. These are great plugins, it's important you should explore them...
Puremix Using Delays on Vocals

Delays are vital tools to achieve that perfect vocal track. From subtle halos to sparkling spices, from glowing auras to cushions of sustain, delays are often one of...
Puremix Using Reverb on Vocals

Reverb is often used as a utility to enhance the sound of a track, especially a singer. In this video Fab explains all aspects and parameters of reverb tail and their...

About Puremix :

PureMix Online is a place where knowledge is shared between professionals, that has been acquired over time.

These days it's not so easy to learn how to make a record by observing a working professional. There aren't many few assistant positions out there anymore. In the past, an aspiring engineer or producer could watch and learn from someone much more experienced for a few years.

They have thought of a way to organize all that knowledge in a format that would deliver lots of important information in the shortest amount of time with the minimal of waste.

PureMix Online's content is produced in professional studios with the highest attention to detail coupled with our relentless curiosity and care for all those things we love about music and sound.

Latest News from Puremix :

[VIDEO] - How To Listen: Compression Edition
Wednesday July 4, 2018

Compressors are one of the most valuable tools we have as engineers.

But can you really hear what your compressor is doing?

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[VIDEO] - Inside The Mix: The Lumineers With Ryan Hewitt
Wednesday June 13, 2018

Watch Ryan Hewitt deconstruct his mix of The Lumineers hit song, "Angela".

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[VIDEO] - Fred Everything House Music Template And Workflow
Wednesday June 6, 2018

Watch Fred Everything explain his template and workflow, then download the files and try it yourself!

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[VIDEO] - Mark Needham Mixing Mona
Wednesday May 30, 2018

During this 2 hour tutorial, Mark Needham will show you how he creates his energetic mixes using techniques like parallel compression, harmonic saturation, creative effects and how he splits up the heavy lifting of tasks like EQ and compression across multiple plugins as he mixes Mona’s hit single “In The Middle”.

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[VIDEO] - Darrell Thorp Mixing Foster The People
Thursday May 17, 2018

In this two and a half hour long tutorial, Darrell shows you how he overcame the challenges associated with mixing a live performance video for the indie rock band, Foster The People.

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[VIDEO] - Mick Guzauski Mixing Template
Thursday May 3, 2018

See how Grammy Award Winning Engineer, Mick Guzauski sets up his personal mix template. Then download the template in your DAW of choice adn apply what you've learned!

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[VIDEO] - Al Schmitt Mixing Cyrille Aimée
Thursday April 26, 2018

It is your turn to sit next to one of the greatest mixing engineers of all time and see how it’s done in the control room of the world famous, Studio A at Capitol Studios.

Watch Now Read More
[VIDEO] - Al Schmitt Tracking Cyrille Aimée
Wednesday April 4, 2018

In this 90 minute tutorial, watch as twenty-two time Grammy Award-winning engineer, Al Schmitt, tracks a full band from start to finish. First, Al’s assistant engineer, Steve Genewick, will give us a tour of Capitol Studios and show how Al sets up his Neve 88R, patches and sets up the outboard gear and manages complex headphone mixes.

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[VIDEO] - Piano Micing Techniques With Andrew Scheps
Wednesday April 4, 2018

Grammy Award Winning Engineer, Andrew Scheps, teaches you his techniques for micing pianos.

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[VIDEO] - Chris Lord-Alge Mixing Daughtry
Wednesday March 14, 2018

Watch Grammy Award Winner, Chris Lord Alge, mix the hit single, "It's Not Over" by Daughtry.

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How To Listen: Compression Edition Trailer https://t.co/uq9l41l7cR https://t.co/6mDcsZgIFi
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#TBT @fabdupont mixing the legendary @thedavidcrosby https://t.co/R52Ang7irn https://t.co/ptevPSz9M6
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@fredeverything #HouseMusic Template and Workflow https://t.co/MMAEYYCvsM https://t.co/mY7Auir1kL
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@chrislordalge #mixing #ChrisDaughtry available now for Pro Members and Individual Purchase 🤘… https://t.co/qhS6RpSGkn
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@fabdupont a template system that sets you up for success is the key to efficient and creative mixing.… https://t.co/DkhnCP8Deg
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@fabdupont breaks down @AvidProTools Track Types 🎚 https://t.co/fTaUln95Kr
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Sit next to @AlSchmitt_Music @capitolstudios and see how he mixes @CyrilleAimee in the control room of the world fa… https://t.co/vUH6qZDAo5
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#ICYMI mixing contest Ft. #TheLumineers & @RyanHewittMix win a @UAudio Apollo Quad MKII, Satellite OCTO, or Satelli… https://t.co/HwObMaUiRU
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@fredeverything #HouseMusic Template and Workflow https://t.co/MMAEYYCvsM https://t.co/imT1UEP9fl
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@RyanHewittMix a detailed look into mixing techniques, production, and arrangement of #TheLumineers Angela.… https://t.co/uK3M6rFmcA
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@lucapretolesi demonstrates the difference between a dynamic master and a hyper-loud master. https://t.co/HWFAaGJa8o
pureMix @PuremixOnline Monday June 18, 2018
The Lumineers Vocal Plate Sound Explained https://t.co/jENx2PXAlm https://t.co/6wVPDozH8y
pureMix @PuremixOnline Monday June 18, 2018
Inside The Mix: The Lumineers with Ryan Hewitt Trailer https://t.co/J6oF28KE3p https://t.co/O5BAAik8qd

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