Harrison designs, manufactures and markets large-format professional audio mixing consoles for international film and television production, post-production, broadcasting, sound reinforcement and music recording markets. And also, develop digital audio workstation MixBus and professional audio plug-ins for the audio inustry.


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Harrison Consoles AVA Mastering EQ

Harrison Consoles - the developers of Mixbus and Mixbus32C DAWs, ultra-high-end mixing consoles, and associated high-performance DSP plug-ins - created the AVA...

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Harrison Mixbus @HarrisonMixbus Thursday May 24, 2018
When you have a deadline but didn't use Mixbus. #mixing #Studio https://t.co/lJigk67ytB
Harrison Mixbus @HarrisonMixbus Wednesday May 9, 2018
Back in the day, we didn't have no stinking video games. We learned how to wire up patch bays, and if we did it wro… https://t.co/H9kOeJO6u5
Harrison Mixbus @HarrisonMixbus Friday May 4, 2018
Today is #StarWarsDay2018 . May the 4th be with you! #mixing https://t.co/L2ilvmtosW
Harrison Mixbus @HarrisonMixbus Thursday May 3, 2018
@HauntedGenius We just released the first in a new line of AAX/VST/AU plugins! It is the AVA Mastering EQ.
Harrison Mixbus @HarrisonMixbus Thursday May 3, 2018
Soul Of The Machine @kyrielondon_ (retweeted by @HarrisonMixbus) Tuesday June 6, 2017
This is just Gorgeous Audio, At it's Best! #nervo #skrillex #diplo #marshmello #mellogang #hardwell #tiesto #Alesso… https://t.co/SdrhZzOynE
Harrison Mixbus @HarrisonMixbus Thursday April 5, 2018
This is a great video series for those wanting to learn more about Mixbus. Most of what is here is also applicable… https://t.co/Cg1Fz2hmiI
Write.Sing.Record. @WriteSingRecord
Are you using @HarrisonMixbus for mixing yet? If not, you could be working a lot harder than necessary to get a gre… https://t.co/kt6xiPvGKD
Harrison Mixbus @HarrisonMixbus Wednesday April 4, 2018
Mixbus Video Training Series 50% Off Limited Time. Use link: https://t.co/Xpdgaeeyvr https://t.co/UTTbOW1xBC
Harrison Mixbus @HarrisonMixbus Friday March 23, 2018
Friday madness! We have a lot of great offers this time, including some free stuff. Yup, I said FREE. You can pick… https://t.co/K86kww1fqW
Harrison Mixbus @HarrisonMixbus Friday March 23, 2018
@FrankieLb2 Unfortunately, I don't have an answer for you other than It's possible we will do it again.
Harrison Mixbus @HarrisonMixbus Thursday March 22, 2018
@ShaolinTurbo Sorry, we don't mean to drive you crazy! But when we email deep discounts people really respond well… https://t.co/DoMQ8iwxrG
Harrison Mixbus @HarrisonMixbus Thursday March 22, 2018
@Soulful_KYLE We have many on our forum using those plugins. You should try the Mixbus demo to be certain it meets… https://t.co/O7txP32O0k
Harrison Mixbus @HarrisonMixbus Thursday March 22, 2018
@ShaolinTurbo Most all those offers are different from each other. I'm unable to unsubscribe you, only you can do t… https://t.co/C8Ah35ChHS
Harrison Mixbus @HarrisonMixbus Tuesday March 20, 2018
@ShaolinTurbo Perhaps you have more than 1 email address on file with us. That would explain why you may be getting… https://t.co/grJF2UIIX5
Harrison Mixbus @HarrisonMixbus Wednesday March 14, 2018
@SeanKillsTime Hi Sean, please share the coupon if you like! The code should work. For a short time yesterday there… https://t.co/lGaJx498f3
Harrison Mixbus @HarrisonMixbus Wednesday March 7, 2018
Ending March 9th. We have had a lot of takers of this offer but we can't keep it this low forever.… https://t.co/BMZCvAj4Zu
Faiz Fadzil @el_flynn (retweeted by @HarrisonMixbus) Saturday March 3, 2018
A big chunk of these 100+ artistes were recorded, mixed and mastered on @HarrisonMixbus. What an awesome DAW. https://t.co/9WMxPjLf0D
Drum Workshop, Inc. @dwdrums (retweeted by @HarrisonMixbus) Friday February 16, 2018
We've been having a blast mixing drums in @HarrisonMixbus 32C (it's feature packed) using our new Drum Enhancer Plu… https://t.co/nt41htuiWu
Harrison Mixbus @HarrisonMixbus Tuesday February 27, 2018
Sign up for emails offers here! https://t.co/kEeEU7D5Jx https://t.co/vwjJGQsN1q
Harrison Mixbus @HarrisonMixbus Friday February 23, 2018
Another round of: What's 'In-The-Box'? https://t.co/0TksBoxLsZ https://t.co/f1TUfoTM1L
Harrison Mixbus @HarrisonMixbus Thursday February 22, 2018
15% off everything: Swag Shop Feb 22 - Feb 25. Use code: 15OFF18 https://t.co/hkpyYMaI7O Yes, that's a pic of Georg… https://t.co/y1Mr0wnA5N
Harrison Mixbus @HarrisonMixbus Tuesday February 20, 2018
https://t.co/aCWf4XfRCq #HarrisonMixbus #mixing #Studio https://t.co/FF61PN45bz
Harrison Mixbus @HarrisonMixbus Thursday February 15, 2018
@FrankieLb2 We will have more but it is possible we may not repost them on social media. We might just stick to ema… https://t.co/Ur2hNAeDgM
Harrison Mixbus @HarrisonMixbus Thursday February 15, 2018
10 hours until the free plugin goes away. just sayin' https://t.co/VpXQpN50dN…/32c99-whats-in-the-box-417477
Harrison Mixbus @HarrisonMixbus Wednesday February 14, 2018
Harrison Mixbus @HarrisonMixbus Tuesday February 13, 2018
💗 What's 'In-The-Box'? #mixing https://t.co/P17NwZrwwz https://t.co/3qrDF10fVs
Harrison Mixbus @HarrisonMixbus Friday February 9, 2018
OFFERS + What's 'In-The-Box' ? - https://t.co/fozb56SFKU
Robin Willis @niborsilliw (retweeted by @HarrisonMixbus) Friday February 9, 2018
“Hi, @HarrisonMixbus? I was wondering if you could add a major edition to your program to make it a little easier t… https://t.co/frqZ52evpT
Harrison Mixbus @HarrisonMixbus Wednesday February 7, 2018
The Mixbus community must have the most intelligent and creative users ever! For example; this video should be enti… https://t.co/MeYRBcSTu6
Tom B. Cooper @CooperProducer (retweeted by @HarrisonMixbus) Wednesday January 31, 2018
Really enjoying using @HarrisonMixbus #HarrisonMixBus for #mixing - it’s strange not being completely fluent on a… https://t.co/sC20BGfeE8
Harrison Mixbus @HarrisonMixbus Monday January 29, 2018
Harrison Consoles 950mx; designed to last a lifetime. https://t.co/HLKhx1LcXV
Harrison Mixbus @HarrisonMixbus Monday January 22, 2018
@TwobobOfficial Hi Matt, Actually the plugins are pre-installed in Mixbus. The license file must be purchased separ… https://t.co/stO6eKnrqe
Harrison Mixbus @HarrisonMixbus Thursday January 18, 2018
https://t.co/zFiy6ZIYbf Wow, Glenn Fricker has an opinion! Are you surprised?
Harrison Mixbus @HarrisonMixbus Wednesday January 17, 2018
https://t.co/uGdr88VW59 #HarrisonMixbus #softtube #mixing #controlsurface
Disfunker @disfunker (retweeted by @HarrisonMixbus) Monday January 15, 2018
Glad to find that #push2 works with @HarrisonMixbus out of the box. https://t.co/6OdUqPT5aQ
Jay Parmar @jayparmarguitar (retweeted by @HarrisonMixbus) Friday January 12, 2018
@HarrisonMixbus absolutely loving the software guys! Beautiful workflow and that sound soooooo quickly! Every tool… https://t.co/skLl21kW38
Jay Parmar @jayparmarguitar (retweeted by @HarrisonMixbus) Friday January 12, 2018
Now this is a very very cool price of software. @harrisonmixbus Mixbus 4. Really liking it -… https://t.co/SgT1OKXOiQ
Harrison Mixbus @HarrisonMixbus Thursday January 11, 2018
https://t.co/EerD1gIEFI "this FaderPort 8 integrating to 32C is such a cool combo that I find myself playing with t… https://t.co/O1goWCl5xx
Faiz Fadzil @el_flynn (retweeted by @HarrisonMixbus) Wednesday January 10, 2018
Check out @KyotoBand's track "Now You're Gone". Recorded, mixed and mastered on @HarrisonMixbus https://t.co/qaDCBJGvXu
Harrison Mixbus @HarrisonMixbus Monday January 8, 2018
Happiness is a warm console. https://t.co/Skjqces6Vp
Harrison Mixbus @HarrisonMixbus Friday January 5, 2018
Find out why MG The Future prefers #Mixbus over #ProTools and #logic ! https://t.co/qzuhQlYLPh
Harrison Mixbus @HarrisonMixbus Thursday January 4, 2018
We are grateful for another awesome review of Mixbus! https://t.co/TmAN3UuktT
Harrison Mixbus @HarrisonMixbus Wednesday January 3, 2018
"I spent the first 10 years of my producer/engineering career cutting my teeth on a Harrison 3232B. The Harrison Mi… https://t.co/tsEf1MZbFz
Harrison Mixbus @HarrisonMixbus Tuesday January 2, 2018
All of us at Harrison Consoles would like to express our gratitude to everyone for helping to make 2017 amazing. We… https://t.co/ndrTrRJlbP
Harrison Mixbus @HarrisonMixbus Thursday December 21, 2017
Take 2 aspirin and call us in the morning. https://t.co/T2t6oOWlZq
Harrison Mixbus @HarrisonMixbus Wednesday December 20, 2017
Harrison Mixbus @HarrisonMixbus Tuesday December 19, 2017
Grateful for another awesome review! "Ultimately, how it sounds is of paramount importance and Harrison has really… https://t.co/zfLLHwW0QJ
Harrison Mixbus @HarrisonMixbus Tuesday December 19, 2017
Jon Mattox @mejon
@audioissues I prefer composing in LogicX, but I grew up in PT so that's easiest for editing/mixing. Started using… https://t.co/J5PORQMrtu
Harrison Mixbus @HarrisonMixbus Friday December 15, 2017
@HauntedGenius @HauntedGenius yes, the demo is fully functional so the "save as" function should work.
Harrison Mixbus @HarrisonMixbus Monday December 11, 2017
The creative people at Harrison were all busy, so I got the UPS delivery guy to sing a song for me. Do you think Ha… https://t.co/X5B2jvag58

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