How to Choose a Proper Recording Level
Here you are, mic in place, instrument ready, player playing, life is good, one question remains: just how loud should you record that triangle part? Loud, very loud, extremely loud? What's the best level? Is there a best level? Should you care? Why should you care?

If you have asked yourself these kinds of questions, if you spend a lot of time discreetly resetting clip lights and wondering what your DAW is trying to tell you then this video is for you. If you have not asked yourself these questions, you probably should because proper recording levels are the first step in a good sounding track. So watch the video already and find out just where to park your levels to give yourself the best chance at that best engineer grammy award.

Product Features

  • Levels in Digital
  • RMS and Peak Levels
  • Recommandations
  • Geek Question #1
  • Geek Question #2
  • Summary


Puremix Recording Levels Video
Puremix Recording Levels
00:01:08 by PureMix Dec 18, 2011
Puremix presents "Recording Levels". In this trailer, Fab explains why recording levels are so important in the digital domain and explains how you can make the best out of your converters,...


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