How to use a compressor on vocals tutorial
Learn advanced compression techniques in order to process and compress your vocal track.

Fab discusses how to compress a vocal track without ruining it.

-Concept and workflow setup
-Standard Avid Compressor
-Threshold vs Ratio
-Attack vs release
-Low level passages handling
-Automation vs compression

The attached zip file contains the stereo instrumental and raw vocal tracks of the song.

Please download it and import the files in the DAW you use to make music (any software will do really!) This way, you can improve your mixing skills and transparently compress this vocal track using your own compressor.

Product Features

  • Compressor Settings : Threshold
  • Compressor Settings : Ratio
  • Compressor Settings : Attack
  • Compressor Settings : Release
  • Compressor Settings : Make Up Gain
  • Refining with Automation


OS : Mac OSX Mac OSXWindows Windows
Formats : Standalone Application


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