How to Record Electric Guitars & Microphone Placement
Fab examines the process of recording an electric guitar amp. By focusing on things like placement and angles as well as listening to a few different microphones and analyzing the impact of these variables.

This video will help you cut the grease out of the guitar recording process. He even pits an SM57 against an original AKG C12 to fascinating results.

Featuring Shure SM57, Sennheiser 412, AKG C12, Royer-122, Little Labs Redeye, Vovox cables and a really nice Gibson G20T.


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Puremix - How To Record Electric Guitar Amp
Puremix presents 'How to Record Electric Guitar Amp'. In this tutorial trailer, Fab shows how to position an SM57 Shure microphone in front of an amp and then shows us what the difference is between an AKG C12, a Royer-122 and a Sennheiser 421.
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