How to Record a Drum Kit with one Microphone
Fab moves an AKG C12 around until the drum set sounds good with just one microphone.

-Multiple mic positions
-Multiple gobo positions
-Multiple drum positions
-Focused comparisons between positions
-Microphone comparisons
-Compression with UAD Fairchild 670

The attached zip file contains the audio examples of every position in every acoustically modified environment. Please download the files and use it to form your taste, experiment and help you choose where you will set your microphone and your drum set in your room.

Product Features

  • Communicating with the Drummer
  • Positioning the Mic : 4 Attempts
  • Listening in the Control Room
  • Processing
  • Summary


OS : Mac OSX Mac OSXWindows Windows
Formats : Standalone Application


Puremix - Recording the Drum Set with 1 Microphone
Puremix presents 'Recording The Drum Set with 1 Microphone'. This tutorial trailer is about mic placement and reflections from the walls and ceiling.
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