Mixing the pop song called Open Eyed with UAD plug-ins
In this video, Fab Dupont mixes a Pop song from scratch using a Universal Audio Apollo and his laptop. Those of you who watch the Apollo launch video for Namm 2012 will recognize the song 'Open Eyed'. It was recorded live at Flux studio on the same system it was mixed on.

This all in the box mix and showcases techniques on drum, bass, and vocal mixing as well as eq, compression and reverb setting, mix balance, 2bus limiting and more.

Product Features

  • Drums
  • Bass Drum
  • Snare
  • Bass
  • 2-Bus Processing
  • Vocals
  • Percussions
  • Samples
  • Keyboards
  • Delivery


OS : Mac OSX Mac OSXWindows Windows
Formats : Standalone Application


Mixing the pop song called Open Eyed (with Universal Audio Apollo): Trailer
From [site] this is the trailer of our Mixing a pop song called Open Eyed tutorial. Fab runs you through the whole mixing process of this song from John Burgos and Liza Colby a.k.a Task Home Cookin. Many UA plug-ins where used: 1176, Neve 88rs, pultec, 1176, cambridge, eq, space echo, precision limiter etc... All tracks were recorded with a UA Apollo, a 4710 and UAD plugins at Flux Studios. \\\\\\\'Open Eyed\\\\\\\' Performed by: Liza Colby (The Liza Colby Sound) & John Burgos (Homecookin Sound) Written by Liza Colby (BMI) & John Burgos Produced by: John Burgos & Fab Dupont
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