Learn how to Record Vocals & Guitar with one Microphone
In this video, Fab Dupont demonstrates how to record the great Julian Peterson with only one microphone. Thing is, Julian does not only sing, he can also play the guitar at the same time. This tutorial will show you how to deal with the placement of the mic in order to obtain proper balance between guitar and vocals. Not that easy.

This video also explores the influence of the acoustic environment, as well as the choice of the microphone pattern on the quality of the recording. Should one use gobos? How does one avoid classic tonal issues with the vocals ? What difference does an omni-directionnal pattern make on the shape of the final sound? These questions and many more are answered in detail in this 23 minute condensed crash course on minimalism in micing.

Product Features

  • 6 Setups
  • Recordings Comparison
  • Come on Down Music Video


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