Flash Mixing a DJ Colette Song Premium
In less than 25 minutes, Fab Dupont demonstrates a quick but quality mix of an electro-pop song.

Putting himself in a realistic 'end-of-day-let's-quickly-give-the-song-to-the-client' rushing situation, Fab uses essential techniques to wrap up the mix of the song "We Feel So Hot" by Dj Colette as fast as possible. Using only pureMix's partner Plug & Mix plugins, he shows how to save valuable time in the mixing process while never letting the rush step over the quality and accuracy of the final result.

The Plug & Mix plug-ins used in the video include:

Analoger, Clarisonix, Classic Phaser, Degradiator, Digital Plate, Distorted, Echoflex, Monster Boost, Retro Compressor, RetroEqualizer, Stereolizer, and Ultramaxit.


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