Fab Dupont mixes a dubstep style track called 'Carribbean' by Grand Baton
In this 68 minute video, Fab Dupont reverse engineers his own mix of the dubstep style song called 'Carribean' by Grand Baton.

Fab emphasizes the techniques required to handle and manage a heavily layered electronic music session in ProTools. From stem-mixing, to advanced routing techniques to serious 2-bus hardware processing and special Melodyne tricks to create otherworldly tones, he leaves no stones unturned.

Throughout the video, Fab studies advanced processing and special effects for acoustic and electronic drums, synth-sounding guitars, heavy keyboards and crushed vocals, reverbs and delays using all the following plug-ins :

- UAD : Precision Enhancer, Precision Maximizer, 1176LN, 1176 RevA, Pultec Pro, DBX 160, EMT 140, Lexicon 224, - Roland CE1, Little Labs
- Sonnox : Oxford EQ, Oxford Limiter, Oxford Dynamics, Oxford Reverb
- Soundtoys : Devil-Loc Deluxe, Pan Man, EchoBoy
- Softube : TLA-100A, Tsar 1, Tonelux Tilt
- Plug and Mix : Degradiator, Dimension 3D
- Massey : L2007 Mastering Limiter
- Slate Digital : Trigger
- Metric Halo : Thump
- Celemony : Melodyne


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