Fab explains how to tailor a reverb tail on a vocal track
Reverb is often used as a utility to enhance the sound of a track, especially a singer. In this video Fab explains all aspects and parameters of reverb tail and their influence on the final result.

This will let you create a sense for what each parameter will do, in order to get a feeling for what you want to achieve rather than considering time, space, size, depth, color, absorption etc. just names or numerical values.

Once you get a feel for the various aspects of a reverb, it will be easy to connect your ears to the final result and achieve that perfect space behind your vocal track.


Mixing Vocals with Reverb Tails Trailer Video
Mixing Vocals with Reverb Tails Trailer
00:00:44 by PureMix Dec 26, 2014
In this trailer, Puremix Mentor Fab Dupont demonstrates how to create perfect reverb tails on a vocal. In our vocals mixing video, reverb is an essential tool to master in order to create depth and...


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