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Windows Requirements
  • N/A, Mac Only!
Mac Requirements
  • Mac OS X 10.6.8 or above
  • Intel Processor
Metric Halo's high resolution metering tools
SpectraFoo has been designed to provide all of the tools you need for a powerful suite of digital meters, with all of the resolution of hardware meters at a fraction of the price.

With more than 15 individual metering tools, it gives you all of the information you need to analyze and prepare your audio, for production, performance, mastering, or broadcast.

It was created for live sound engineers and mixing engineers.

SpectraFoo Complete provides the following additions to SpectraFoo:

• Full featured world-class signal generator
• Transfer Function Measurement System
• Capture and Static Analysis system
• Code-Level Metering
• Bit Range Meter
• Bit Scope
• Bit Matrix Meter (Instantaneous Snapshot)
• Bit Matrix Meter (Accumulation Snapshot)

Product Features

  • Lissajous phase scope
  • L-R Stereo power balance meter
  • Envelope history meter
  • Digital level history meter
  • Band-limited history meter
  • Full-featured audio frequency oscilloscope
  • Spectragram spectral history meter
  • PhaseTorch frequency-sensitive phase meter
  • Sample accurate digital level meter
  • Correlation meter
  • Correlation history meter
  • Parameter management system
  • Window sets
  • Link groups


SpectraFoo: Introduction Video
SpectraFoo: Introduction
00:11:09 by Metric Halo Mar 12, 2013
A look at getting started using SpectraFoo. Please note that the frame rate of the movie is less than the update rate of SpectraFoo running live.
SpectraFoo: Transfer function and delay finder Video
SpectraFoo: Transfer function and delay finder
00:03:51 by Metric Halo Mar 12, 2013
Using SpectraFoo Complete's transfer function to find the delay in a speaker system for time alignment
SpectraFoo: Captures Video
SpectraFoo: Captures
00:14:46 by Metric Halo Mar 12, 2013
How to use the Capture function of SpectraFoo for non-realtime analysis
SpectraFoo: Signal Generator Video
SpectraFoo: Signal Generator
00:09:54 by Metric Halo Mar 12, 2013
Using Foo's signal generator for testing and audio analysis


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Formats : Standalone Application
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