How to take a production and turn it into a hit record.
Grammy winner Mick Guzauski opens up his final mixing session and gives you a look into how he polished Pharrell's production on the hit "Gust of Wind" featuring Daft Punk.

Hear how Mick worked layer by layer to bring this song to life and gain insights on how a multi-platinum engineer takes a great sounding production and turns it into a hit record.

Mick shows you the process he goes through when receiving a session that already has a strong creative vision and plugins in place. See how he thoughtfully adds sonic details, respects the artist’s vision and still takes the song to another level with his mix.

With this Inside The Mix tutorial, you’ll learn how Mick:

- Sets up the session to work efficiently on his control surface
- Processes every element of the track adding the perfect amount of color and vibe
- Uses groups and sub mixes to create a cohesive tone for the instruments and vocals
- Tightens up the entire mix using subtle bus processing

Please note: This tutorial does not include the multitrack stems as per the artist’s request.


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