Windows Requirements
  • Windows 7 & 8
  • Intel Core 2 Duo 2.1 GHz
  • 2 GB RAM
Mac Requirements
  • Mac OS 10.6 and above
  • Macintosh Intel 2 GHz
  • 2 GB RAM
Loops, Finger Drumming, Patterns Software
Remixlive Mac/PC is a live performance software application, allowing users to utilize loops and one-shots in live scenarios. It has been designed to take advantage of any MIDI pad controller, no matter the grid size.

An Expanded Mixer view, includes Mute and Solo buttons and professional three-band EQs on each individual channel. Brand new desktop-class extra audio effects. Map any MIDI controller from any brand, and take control of Remixlive Mac/PC exactly the way you want to!

Taking advantage of the desktop platform, Remixlive Mac/PC allows for HQ Recording of your creations in a variety of high quality formats, including: AIFF, FLAC, OGG, WAV.


Play loops, in sync:

Everything you need, from launching fully-synced loops to adding FX, packed in an all-in-one remix app. Create rich and layered tracks all in Remixlive using the multiple playmode.

Remixlive integrates seamless time-stretching that makes it possible to bring together samples from many different sources, including 150+ pro sample packs available in the app.

Create your sequences:

This new feature allows us to offer everyone the possibility to create their own patterns, making more complex music and stepping up their game by evolving their style.

Drum along to your creations:

Finger drum in real time using one-shot samples, whether you play on a mobile device or a computer with/without a controller. Record sounds and build patterns thanks to a loop based sequencer with overdub.

The finger drumming grid allows for spontaneous creation of drum patterns and melodies, all backed by a powerful engine ensuring low latency on most devices.

Arrange and share your tracks:

The Song Mode lets you accurately edit individual samples’ length, BPM and ADSR. Once edited, sounds imported from the library or recorded with the microphone become the basis of new compositions.

Upload your recordings to SoundCloud or share them easily to your friends and family via email or any number of messaging apps. Remixlive for iOS also takes advantage of the extensive sharing capabilities of the iOS platform, such as Open in, Files or AudioShare.

Access over 190+ Royalty-Free sample packs:

Browse our constantly evolving 17500+ Pro-grade Samples and Loops collection from renowned Artists and world class Sound designers in a wide variety of genres!

Product Features

  • Modular Grid
  • Mixer
  • FX
  • MIDI Control
  • MIDI Learning
  • HQ Recording
  • Pro-Sounding Samples
  • Scalable interface
  • Social Sharing
  • VST/AU Version
  • Ableton Link


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