Carlos El Loco Bedoya's Mixing techniques revealed
Brazilian Girls are a funky and eccentric dance music group from NYC and in this full-length mixing tutorial Grammy winner Carlos “El Loco” Bedoya mixes their single “The Critic” from start to finish.

The production is deceptively simple, learn how El Loco Bedoya builds the mix track by track, applying EQ, compression and effects that bring out the details and energy of the song.

To add an extra layer of difficulty into the mix there are two entire sets of drum tracks that combine together into an intricate and complex groove, not your typical dance music production.

Carlos reveals how he:

- Imports mix settings from other songs on the album for a consistent sound
- Tames harshness and muddiness on the drums using dynamic EQ
- Uses both subtle and extreme compression settings to shape the dynamics and transients of tracks
- Adding vibe and character to the key elements of the song with creative filtering and distortion
- Creating a big and clear sounding bass tone with amp emulation and effects
- Tweaking the attack and sustain of individual drums for the perfect balance of punch and tone to the drums
- Makes creative and unique vocal processing chains to create vocals that occupy the perfect space inside the mix
- Learn how an award-winning producer/engineer creates a dynamic and creative mix for a quirky and hip dance music group.

BONUS: Don't forget to download the exercise files and practice mixing the song for yourself! The artist was gracious enough to allow pureMixers the chance to try their hand at mixing a portion of the song using the same raw multitrack stems Carlos “El Loco” Bedoya mixed. Put your skills to the test and apply some of your new found techniques.


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