A Synth Odyssey Of Loops
Influenced by the colossal works of Hans Zimmer, Ben Frost, Clark and Tim Hecker, prepare to enter the life shattering world of Dystopian Dreams. Set in the year 2049 this haunting Blade Runner inspired sample pack captures the true essence of both the original motion picture and the modern sequel.

By utilizing the same hardware as the great composers themselves, the mood, essence and heartache of a dystopian existence is truly captured providing you with a collection of incredible synth samples.

Inside this stunning synth odyssey of loops and MIDI you'll find Touch Loops placed gut wrenching melody at the forefront of the collection. Tearing reese bass lines shudder and twist, distressed analogue synths call a cry for help as the scene setting pad samples offer density, depth and inspiration.

Deep rolling analogue bass lines are beautifully harmonized against the dystopian soundscapes offering a glimmer of hope in this baron landscape whilst the interplay between the FM synths, sound design and cinematic drama take center stage.

So if you're looking for an incredible collection of epic synth samples that modulate beautifully between a dystopian world and more contemporary labels like Warp Records then this ones for you - a true classic in the making that we know you'll just adore. Touch Loops also include MIDI for all loops allowing you to get stuck into the notes if you so wish.

Product Features

  • 280.9mb Content Size
  • 87 Loops
  • 87 MIDI Loops


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