Heavy Bass Samples, Trap, and Ethnic Loops
Twisted, Heavy Bass Samples

Ghostly Sequence is a pack of beautiful juxtaposition. Combining sound design heavy bass samples with ethereal melodies and stringed instruments, this masterfully produced sample pack feels genre defining yet timeless at the same time.

Inspired by Trap, Hip-Hop & More

Inspired by artists ranging from Kuedo & Holy Other to Ital Tek, bedroom hip-hop beats to Blade Runner these trap tinged classic hip-hop beats fit perfectly against the raw processed 808’s and reese bass lines. Included is a batch of amazing processed strings, plucks, mallets and processed vocal loops that lift the pack and offer something entirely new and contemporary.

Inspiring Loops & One Shots

Juxtaposing against the dark are a collection of amazing Rhodes and synth keys loops that sit perfectly as a breakdown or interlude and showcase again just how incredibly our producer of choice is. Balancing dark & light again, Touch Loops also include a stack of amazing ethnic string loops that nod to otherworldly and tones and atmospheres.

So, if you’re looking to add something unique, organic and at the same time futuristic then this ones for you – beautifully mixed, incredibly weighty and always memorable.

Product Features

  • Pack: 212 Loops & 102 One Shots
  • Tempos: 80 to 116 BPM
  • Size: 1.5Gb


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