Adam Hawkins Deconstructs His Mix Of Chlorine
Learn how Grammy-winning mix engineer Adam Hawkins mixed the twenty one pilots single "Chlorine".

In this exclusive mixing tutorial, Adam opens up his final session and shows you how he mixed this incredible production from twenty one pilots.

This is an in-depth look at what it's like to mix a song from one of the world's largest bands, while dealing with tight deadlines and a distinct sonic signature, where the goal is to enhance and maintain the artist's vision.

In this 2 hour tutorial, Adam explains:

- His workflow in detail, including session setup, gear, routing, revisions and delivering mixes to clients.
- The story of the song's collaborative process between Tyler Joseph and producer Paul Meany.
- How he received the files in Logic Pro X from the band and mixed them in Pro Tools.
- His use of three different flavors of parallel compression on drums and how he automates them to change the tone throughout the track.
- His treatment of 808s, that made them sit in the track without taking too much space.
- How he enhanced the stereo bass tones on the record.
- His technique for sculpting multiple layers of synthesizers to help showcase the band's unique soundscapes.
- The use of Microshift and Little Alterboy on vocals and effects returns to add texture.
- How he uses multiple stages of compression on lead vocals and uses different preamp and tape saturation processes to add tone and slap delay.
- His use of dynamic EQ on the lead vocal to fight proximity effect.
- How to use delays to fill gaps between musical phrases and enhance the energy of the track.

This is an exclusive chance to learn Adam's personal mixing techniques, methods and all of the tricks he used to mix a hit song from one of the world's largest bands, and then apply them to your own mixes!


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