See how Brian Moncarz uses his custom mixing template
Brian Moncarz is a Billboard charting and award-winning Producer and Mixing engineer who has produced records for some of the biggest rock bands of today. See how he uses his custom mixing template and a creative workflow to quickly set up a massive mix of the modern rock hit "Drop Me In The Water" from Our Lady Peace.

Learn how Brian works on each element of the mix with full transparency and detailed descriptions, teaching you every aspect of his mixing process all the way from the plugins he chooses to why he tweaks the parameters he does, explaining his intention at every step along the way.

In this 4 hour tutorial, learn how Brian:

- Develops a clear vision for the mix
- Chooses between his mix bus chain A and B
- Creates a massive sounding drum kit with texture
- Layers in drum samples to augment the acoustic kit
- Blends multiple synthesizer layers with thick and powerful guitars
- Uses automation to create dynamics and add life to the mix

This is a unique chance to learn Brian's personal mixing techniques, methods and all the tricks he used to mix a hit song and then apply them to your own mixes!

PLUS you get access to the raw stems from the original session to practice and perfect all of the tips and techniques you'll pick up from Brian Moncarz and Our Lady Peace. Explore the tracks on your own!

Please note: stem files are truncated and contain the un-mixed and consolidated wav files for every track in the original session from the intro to the 2nd verse.


Excerpt ok Brian Moncarz Creating Dynamics Video
Excerpt ok Brian Moncarz Creating Dynamics
00:05:26 by PureMix Jun 3, 2019
In this free excerpt from the video, "Brian Moncarz Mixing Our Lady Peace," Moncarz talks about how he added a dynamic and textural change to the choruses of the song "Drop Me in the...


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