Watch Mick Guzauski Mix The Epic Single, Vitamin From Jamiroquai
Grammy Award Winning Engineer, Mixer, and Producer, Mick Guzauski, has made a name for himself as one of the top mixing engineers in the world. With over 27 #1 singles, few have risen to the heights of success that Mick has.

In this Exclusive, Mick opens his mix of Jamiroquai's song "Vitamin" to explain his thought process, workflow, and techniques that he used to create this incredibly tight, punchy and exciting mix that manages to have a ton of space without ever losing the impact of the tight performances.

Learn how Mick:

- Enhances low end on kick drums
- Creates a crisp and tight high hat sound with a stereo spread
- Adds space around elements of the mix with carefully chosen and tuned reverbs
- Adds compression without character to subtly control and already great sounding lead vocal
- How he sets up session routing to quickly create stems when requested
- Tweaks his stereo bus EQ to create a tight low end while still controlling subsonic energy


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