Tips and Tricks of one of the world's top mixing engineers
Grammy Award Winning Engineer, Mixer, and Producer, Mick Guzauski, has made a name for himself as one of the world's top mixing engineers. With over 27 #1 singles, few have risen to the heights of success that Mick has.

In this 1 and 1/2 hour tutorial, Mick opens up the multitrack session of the song "My World" from The Liza Colby Sound for the first time and mixes it live on camera from scratch explaining every step of his process along the way.

See how Mick Guzauski:

- Prepares the snare for parallel compression
- Re-amps a B3 Organ through a Marshall Plexi plugin
- Uses his Avid S6 control to dial in the automation-
- Crafts exciting effects for the lead vocal
- Cleans up distortion in the top end of the lead vocal
- Processes the drum bus to have the clarity and excitement he is known for
- Dials in a Fairchild 660 on the stereo bus
- Uses two separate limiters to split the work between the drum bus and stereo bus
- Adds width to the guitar solo with delays
- Adds his personal touch to the mix by automating on his Avid S6

Watch Mick Guzauski, mix "My World" from The Liza Colby Sound.


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