Internet Co. Audio Input FX
Windows Requirements
  • Host application compatible with:
    • VST plugins
  • Windows 10, 8.1 (32/64bit)
  • Intel processors support SSE2 or compatible processors
  • RAM: Windows 10/8.1 : 2GB or more
  • 50MB free space for the installation
  • Internet Access / Use for products download, registration, activation and update.
Multi effect software for voice input
Audio Input FX is a powerful voice treatment software specially developed for live broadcast, online voice work, and video editing.

With a simple mouse click or drag, the voices can be improved in real-time. You can adjust the volume and pan, and add the effects to the audio in environments such as announcement, narration, talk, or BGM.

Audio Input FX includes 6 built-in effects, 2 Voice Changers, Compressor, Reverb, Delay and EQ. They include multiple presets full of settings that will be helpful in all situations that may arrive. In addition to the 6 built-in effects, you can use two VST FX as well.(compatible with VST2, VST3).

The Voice changer effect has the abilty to make you sound like a completely different person. Reverb will place your voice in various different spaces. EQ adjustments can be made to correct problems quickly. You can improve all sorts of voice performances by using Audio Input FX.

To add effects to voice input in real-time, one usually needs hardware like an audio interface. But Audio Input FX can accomplish the same tasks using only its own software-based system.

Audio Input FX can run on applications with a direct voice input, for example, live streaming apps like OBS, XSplit and N Air, video-communication apps like Skype, Zoom and Google Meet, and video or sound editing apps. Audio Input FX will improve the quality of the live streaming voices dramatically.


Audio Input FX includes the following:

-Voice Changer can make you sound very different, for example, male voices transformed to female, childish voice to adult or even to a non-human character.

-COMP can compress the different levels of the voice input in COMP section and make it more even. At the same time it can decrease the signal level below the specified threshold level in GATE section.

-CHORUS can make one source sound like many by adding multiple short delays in a regular circle. You can add the stereo spread and depth enhancement to the voices.

-DELAY can add a echo effect. DELAY allows you to set parameters separately for the left and right channels. You can create a varied delay sound like ping-pong delay.

-EQ provides six frequency bands, including lowpass and highpass filters, low and high shelving filters, and peaking. You can graphically adjust the frequency of a band and the amount of gain for the band.

-REVERB can add a reverb effect to the voice input and simulate an acoustic space. Also you can process equalization to reverberation (wet) sounds.


OS : Windows Windows
Formats : VST
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