Plugivery is a Plug-in developer's best friend. Our goal is to provide all the essential distribution services a developer might need, so that they can get on with what they do best, developing hot new products. So rather than spending most of your time solving and investigating issues, tracking orders, and being your own secretary, your precious time can then be put to use in the most productive way possible.


Imagine having a whole office around you that you can off-load all those tasks that are getting in the way, and let get going on with what you would really prefer to be doing. Instead of following-up on all those routine requests that eat up your day (and nights), you have a dedicated team that takes care of it all for you and can give you the instant feedback anytime you need it.

In that way you are being set free to concentrate on new products, or refining those ones already out there, or even to have some time to yourself to recharge your batteries and have your next great development idea.

Manufacturers FAQs

What makes Plugivery so different from traditional distribution services ?

Plugivery is much more than an elegant electronic software delivery system. We have designed and written from scratch the entire website with one purpose in mind, to help dealers sell more audio software in their stores. The Sales force has immediate access to all the necessary information needed to explain, demonstrate and sell sophisticated audio plug-ins. We have provided, on clear elegant web pages, ONLY the most relevant information and product requirements so that the salesperson will have a quick and comprehensive overview of the products they propose and sell to their customers.

Does Plugivery sell to final customers and BTW, who handles customer support ?

No, we do not sell direct to final clients ! Plugivery is a B2B (business to business) distribution service that offers all of the information and web tools needed for dealers to introduce "virtual products" in their store… the Music stores don’t even need to have an electronic delivery system or even a website. We actually offer a rock solid delivery system that ensures immediate delivery to the final clients while providing full customer support services. Once the salesman has sold one or several software products to his client, all he needs to do is order from Plugivery and "authorise" the products for his customer. It is a very quick and easy process that guarantees instant delivery and will provide full customer support. The salesman has finished his work and we take over supplying customer support as needed. In some difficult cases, we might need to send the customer to your FAQ and/or support service for further technical investigation.

Does that keep me out of touch from the final customer and his information?

Certainly not as you might need that information for certain customer support issues that we might not be able to solve on our side ! Moreover, Plugivery provides full sales report and bookkeeping services for both manufacturers and dealers. Customer information are stored and available to you in your dedicated "private" area. You therefore have full access to sales report with the customer's information (Name and email) and the associated serial numbers delivered to them. You may even export customer information to announce new products, updates, promotions, etc. as you probably do for your direct customers.

What is your business model ?

We believe that we will do much better than traditional distributors in our way of introducing audio software in music stores. We have gained great experience selling software via in the past 10 years and we know exactly what dealers need to start listing virtual products, sell them AND make good money ;-) It is very important to give dealers the best possible tools but above all, sufficient margins for them to assign a dedicated area in the store and list all of our (your) products in their databases.

Where are the dealers located ?

We actually list over 2400 dealers from all around the world and we are actively working on listing new ones, particularly in emerging countries such as China, Russia, India, Brazil and many others. Our experience shows that most manufacturers that relied on us to promote and sell their products have actually seen their sales increase while selling more products directly on their own website (at FULL MSRP price) as their visibility increases. You have nothing to lose as your products are marketed world-wide.

What if I already have distributors in certain countries ?

If you happen to already have efficient distributors in certain countries such as in Japan, Germany, USA, Canada, etc. our system is able to handle that and we will not prospect or sell your products to dealers in those specific countries. Joining Plugivery might be a good way to compare and evaluate the work provided by your local distributors...

Do I need to sign a contract to introduce my products at Plugivery ?

Our distribution agreement can be considered as a simple hand-shake agreement where you join up and step out at anytime. There are no restricting "engagement" terms. If things go well, you will most likely re-new year after year, right ? If not, you are simply free to step out of our distribution agreement by providing us with a simple 30 days notice.

What if some local dealers have bad MAP pricing policies ?

We will have a very strict MAP pricing policy and we will not let any dealers sell UNDER MAP prices. If they do, we will firstly downgrade them to Dealer cost A and if they still announce hard discounts (even through "private" login accounts or add to cart systems), we will simply remove their dealer accounts ! That applies to ALL dealers including DontCrack. We will not have special agreements with companies like Guitar-Center, Thomann, or any leading dealers without your consent. On the same line, we will not run "special promotions" or any special deals without your written consent. All of that is clearly stated in our distribution agreement.

How does Plugivery handle my serial numbers ?

Our experience has proved that the easiest and most effective way to handle product serials is to provide us with a reasonable amount of serial numbers (or activation codes) for each product sold at Plugivery. We then store these on our secure database, ready to be electronically delivered to dealers. We also have very secure PHP scripts that allow us to fetch serial numbers in real time directly from your serial generator hosted on your server but that implies that you fully master such tools and that you are able to quickly access your servers in case of any server issues or any failures.

Do you host plug-in installers or sound banks on your servers ?

Again our experience shows that it is not a good idea to host full plug-in installers or sound files on our servers. That is because manufacturers regularly update such files which has proved to be problematic on long term. Such files should always be hosted on the manufacturers website with a fixed URL. If your files are somehow protected then the best way to go is to provide activation codes that final users will use to download the file from your own servers. Such informations are sent to final customers in their order confirmation as they purchase your products.

How and when do I get paid for the products that you have sold to dealers ?

Some of our partners send us invoices at the end of each month while others prefer to wait for a threshold amount to be reached. One way or another we pay on receipt of your invoices either via Paypal (for small amounts) or wire-transfer directly to your account. Please remember that you have a personnal access to complete sales reports and bookkeeping services by simply logging in to your private account within Plugivery. This will be a great help to you for your follow-up of your invoicing and payment balances. You will never get confused as we keep track of every sale and all the payment status that matches your own logs. Even a 10 year old child could handle your bookkeeping, it's that simple with Plugivery ;-)

Will you guys promote and advertise my products.

All serious distributors who want to be successful promote and advertise their partners brands and products and we certainly will make no exception to that rule. In the next months we will have massive communication going and that is a great opportunity for you to test our system and see the benefits of having hundreds of sites listing your products.

What if I want my products to be sold ONLY at ?

Yes that is possible ! Please contact us for further information.

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