Our website has been designed to make things clear and easy for sales representatives. They will find all the information needed to demonstrate a product effectively and sell it! They receive the product(s) purchased from Plugivery seconds after purchase. Final customers also receive an order confirmation with only the dealers logo on it (we don't appear on the customers order confirmation). A well-designed back-end keeps track of ALL sales reports, bookkeeping, customer's information (with associated product(s) serial numbers) and much more. It's as SIMPLE as that!

Sales and delivery infrastructure

We have a complete "store" that has been totally re-written from scratch to provide the best shopping experience to our partners. Products are delivered correctly with the necessary instructions to enable sales representatives to be up and running immediately, bringing the support burden down to nearly nothing.


Notification of all purchases of your products are sent instantly, directly after the sales representative's order is completed. Dealers and manufacturers also have a special private section they can log into to consult all orders that are accessible at any time. Everyone has complete visibility into what is happening 24/7.

Register Online

Registering your store at Plugivery is a 5 minutes process and you're setup! You may register within secondes to simply purchase a software that you need to deliver urgently to a customer. If you are looking at bigger numbers, we will provide all the information needed to get you going and get the most out of your efforts trying to sell more cool audio software in your store.


What makes Plugivery so different from traditional distribution services?

Plugivery is much more than an elegant electronic software delivery system. We have designed and written from scratch the entire website with one purpose in mind, to help dealers sell more audio software in their stores. The Sales force has immediate access to all the necessary information needed to explain, demonstrate and sell sophisticated audio plug-ins. We have provided, on clear elegant web pages, ONLY the most relevant information and product requirements so that the salesperson will have a quick and comprehensive overview of the products they propose and sell to their customers.

Does Plugivery sell to final customers and BTW, who handles customer support?

No, we do not sell direct to final clients! Plugivery is a B2B (business to business) distribution service that offers all of the information and web tools needed for dealers to introduce "virtual products" in their store. The stores don't even need to have an electronic delivery system or even a website. We actually offer a rock solid delivery system that ensures immediate delivery to the final clients while providing full customer support services. Once the salesperson has sold one or several software products to his/her client, all they need to do is order from Plugivery and "authorise" the products for their customer. It is a very quick and easy process that guarantees instant delivery and will provide full customer support. The salesperson has finished their work and we take over supplying customer support as needed. In some difficult cases, we might need to send the customer to your FAQ and/or support service for further technical investigation.

Does Plugivery keep manufacturers out of touch from the final customer and their information?

Certainly not, as manufacturers often need that information for certain customer support issues that we might not be able to solve on our side! Moreover, Plugivery provides full sales report and bookkeeping services for both manufacturers and dealers. Customer information are stored and available to manufacturers in their dedicated "private" area, they therefore have full access to sales report with the customer's information (Name and email) and the associated serial numbers delivered to them. Manufacturers may even export customer information to announce new products, updates, promotions, etc.

What is Plugivery's business model?

We believe that we will do much better than traditional distributors with our way of introducing audio software in to stores. We have gained great experience selling software via in the past 10 years and we know exactly what dealers need to start listing virtual products, sell them AND make good money.

It is very important to give dealers the best possible tools, but above all, sufficient margins for them to assign a dedicated area in the store and list great audio software products in their databases.

How do I pay for products purchased at Plugivery?

Due to the “virtual” nature of software products, all orders must be paid at check-out. All payments are securely processed via Paypal that also accepts, all major credit cards such as Master Card, Visa, Amex, etc.

Does Plugivery offer a credit line?

We will consider opening credit lines to dealers that have a minimum turnover of at least $5000 per month. Please contact us for further information.

Does Plugivery refund products?

It is very unusual to refund software products. Demo versions of most of the products sold at Plugivery are made available to you and the final users. We highly recommend that customers install demo versions in their computer environment prior to buying them. We nevertheless refund products on a case per case basis if none our or the manufacturer's support team were able to handle a very particular technical issue.

What if I already purchase certain products from a local distributor ?

Some manufacturers already have fine distributors in certain countries. In such case, these manufacturer's products will not be available to dealers located in those countries and you will simply continue purchasing from your local distributor that has signed an exclusive agreement with the concerned manufacturer(s).

Do I need to sign a contract to purchase products from Plugivery ?

No! You simply need to register yourself or a staff member with your respective business emails as indicated in our “About” section. Our staff will review dealer submissions within 48h on business days.

What if local dealers have bad MAP pricing policies?

We will have a very strict MAP pricing policy and we will not let any dealers sell UNDER MAP prices. If they do, we will firstly downgrade them to Dealer cost A, and if they still announce hard discounts (even through "private" login accounts or add to cart systems), we will simply remove their dealer accounts!

What about promotions?

Promotions will be made available to dealers from time to time in total respect of the agreement that we have signed with manufacturers. In such cases, promotional pricing will be made available to dealers in advance for them to prepare mailings and marketing and the MAP price policy will apply as stated above.

Will Plugivery promote and advertise the products sold in my store?

All serious distributors who want to be successful promote and advertise their partners brands and products and we certainly will make no exception to that rule. In the next months we will have massive communication going and that is a great opportunity for you to test our system and see the benefits of listing hundreds of great software products in your store.

Do you host the manufacturers plug-in installers or sound banks on Plugivery's servers?

Our experience shows that it is not a good idea for us to host full plug-in installers or sound files on our servers because manufacturers regularly update such files, and this has proved to be problematic in the long term. Such files should always be hosted on the manufacturers website with a fixed URL, assuring that your customers will always receive an up-to-date version of their software. Download and install information are automatically sent to your customers in their order confirmation email.

Contact Us

You can get in touch with us with any questions from this link.

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