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Montreal, December 22nd 2017
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Plugivery Distribution today proudly announce their partnership with Touch Loops, making available all of their high-end Sample Libraries to dealers worldwide, that enhance music production for bedroom producers and professionals.

Today, Touch Loops, a sound design and sample company with a passion for classic recording techniques, analogue processing and soulful music, and Plugivery, a leading distributor of audio software, proudly announce their partnership, making available all Touch Loop high-end Sample Libraries to Plugivery dealers worldwide.

Touch Loops was started by Ryan Miller and Chris Ward, who have been involved in the music and sample industry for many years in different forms working for numerous companies, performing live, writing music and scoring adverts. As a team, they strive to design the finest sounds to embellish your music production and compositions.

They felt that there was room in the market for a company that had a real love for analogue tones that utilised old recording techniques and hardware with an obvious emphasis on the Hip-hop and soul styles of music.

Much attention was placed on the visual design of the products and on the audio quality. Touch Loops aim is to provide great products that solve many music production sticking points producers and musicians face. It has paid off as they have been overwhelmed by the positivity that's been shown to them by the persons who use their products.

They have been working quite closely with Air Music Technology developing sound banks for their products. Recently they have also been working with AKAI & Ableton and launched a 'Win your music to vinyl' competition.

While continuing the work that they have been doing in the sample market, Touch Loops are looking forward to expanding into software development. There is a lot to look forward to from this young company considering what excellent products they have already brought to the Sample Libraries market.

The Touch Loops product line is now available from all reputable pro audio resellers and music stores listed at Plugivery:

About Touch Loops
Touch Loops is a sound design and sample company with an undying love for classic recording techniques, analogue processing and music with soul. As a team, they strive to design the finest bespoke sounds to both aid and enhance your music production and compositions.

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