Today, AKAI Professional and Plugivery are extremely proud and excited to announce the launch of the AKAI MPC 2.2 software for MAC & PC. This update makes the legendary AKAI MPC recording system available to anyone that uses any MIDI controllers such as those from M-Audio, Native Instruments, Alesis, Novation, etc. from ONLY $99.

You therefore no longer need to own any MPC hardware to use the amazing MPC software on Mac or PC.

A “Premier” version of the MPC 2.2 is also available to everyone for ONLY $249 (List $599). It comes packed with 10 sound expansion packs, 4 MPC plugins, AND the AIEP3 Complete from AIR Music (including such virtual instruments; Hybrid 3, Vacuum Pro, Transfuser).

The world’s most influential manufacturer of music production gear, AKAI Professional and Plugivery, a leading distributor of audio plug-ins and sample based instruments, today proudly announce the launch of the MPC 2.2 software which is a REVOLUTION for the creative audio production community.

Until today, AKAI’s acclaimed MPC software for Mac & PC was ONLY available to users that own MPC hardware. But, with this long-awaited update, owners of other branded controllers such as M-Audio, Native Instruments, Alesis, Novation, etc. can fully control the MPC 2 Software.

The MPC 2.2 update introduces other creative workflow features including Generate Random Events, Humanize and many others such as :

MIDI Learn (Global): MPC Software can now be controlled by external MIDI surfaces other than the MPC, such as keyboards and pad controllers. This includes 3rd-party products.

MIDI Learn (Project): Automat-able parameters (volume, pan, etc.) can now be controlled by external surfaces such as the faders on a MIDI mixer or rotary knobs on keyboard controllers.

Humanize: Users can now add randomization to the timing or velocity of MIDI events. This is great for grooves that are slightly “out-of-the pocket.”

Generate Random Events: MPC can generate random melodic and drum patterns across the timeline.

Many more workflow and stability enhancements.

"MPC 2.2 advances the user experience in amazing new ways,” says Dan Gill, Akai Product Manager. “The MIDI Learn and MIDI Control features are now available in both standalone and controller modes, introducing all sorts of new workflow and creative possibilities.”

There are now two versions of the MPC 2.2 software for Mac & PC :

MPC 2.2 Standard

Standard is available as an upgrade to MPC Software version 1 owners or any third party controller owners such as M-Audio, Native Instruments, Alesis, Novation, etc...

MPC Standard includes their flagship MPC Software and five of their most popular Expansion Packs a $250 value. Discover powerful audio track recording, flexible clip launching, real-time audio warping, Audio and MIDI drag-and-drop, along with enhanced Q-Link™ control.


MPC 2.2 software
5 MPC Expansions

MPC 2.2 Premier

Over 50 products (25K+ Sounds) ranging from breathtaking emulations of vintage gear, powerful fx, classic instruments and unique synthesis technologies, enabling you to tap into familiar sounds or create something no one has ever heard before.


MPC 2.2 software
VIP 3.1 Standard
AIR Music Technology’s AIEP 3 Complete
10 MPC Expansions
4 MPC plugins


The MPC Standard and Premier are available at introductory prices until May 31, 2018

MPC 2.2 Standard $99 (List $249 + $250 value Expansion Packs)
MPC 2.2 Premier $249 (List $599 + $1280 value Software & Expansion Packs)

This update to the MPC 2.2 Standard is FREE for existing MPC 2 Software owners. Simply download the demo version from the following links :




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The world’s most influential manufacturer of music production gear, Akai Professional develops creative technologies to empower music makers with tools that are unmatched in expressive capability. Akai Professional is best known for creating the legendary MPC, an instrument that has inspired generations of producers and performers and spawned entirely new genres of music. Akai Professional is a part of the inMusic family of premiere music brands.

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