TrainYourEars is an ear training software designed to help you understand equalizers and frequencies like never before.


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TrainYourEars TrainYourEars EQ Edition

TrainYourEars EQ Edition

TrainYourEars EQ Edition is an ear training software for Mac and PC designed to help you understand equalisers and frequencies like never before. How does it work?...

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What's the size of your studio? Video
What's the size of your studio? Oct 2, 2017
If you want to become a better sound engineer, focus on what really matters. Learn more at
TrainYourEars review by Video
TrainYourEars review by Aug 14, 2017
The engineer and founder of Stephen Kelly takes a quick look at TrainYourEars and its top features. Discover what makes this training incredibly powerful 🚀 → Audio Player: play either your own music or commercial music. → Exercise Designer: create your own...
Live Training: Find 2 Bands in a 7 Frequencies Equalizer Video
Live Training: Find 2 Bands in a 7 Frequencies Equalizer Jan 31, 2017
In this video Alex Mars, from XSSR Academy (, takes a look at a training exercise called "Find 2 bands in a 7 frequencies equalizer". The main goal of this exercise is to find 2 frequencies that are changed in the audio source and correct them. As Alex suggests, listen...
Live Training: Pop Rock Instruments Exercises Video
Live Training: Pop Rock Instruments Exercises Nov 8, 2016
In this video the sound engineer Alex Mars ( shows you how to train your ears with a set of exercises called Pop Rock Instruments package. These exercises have been created by Jørn-Arild Grefsrud, music producer and owner of Tuft Studio (, and...
TrainYourEars EQ Edition - Ear Training for Sound Engineers Video
TrainYourEars EQ Edition - Ear Training for Sound Engineers Oct 29, 2016
TrainYourEars EQ Edition is an ear training software designed to help you understand equalisers and frequencies like never before. It speeds up your learning process exposing you to hundreds of random equalizations you have to guess. In no time you will develop a frequency memory which will...
Live Training: Live Feedback Exercise Video
Live Training: Live Feedback Exercise Jul 21, 2016
Have you ever heard a feedback at a concert? Annoying, right? Way worse when you are the sound engineer and everybody looks at you! In this video Alex Mars ( shows you how to train your ears to catch those feedbacks as quickly as possible. The Live Feedback Exercise...
TrainYourEars EQ Edition - Synth Exercise Example Video
TrainYourEars EQ Edition - Synth Exercise Example Jul 6, 2012
For more info visit: This is an example of the possibilities of the software TrainYourEars EQ Edition. The purpose of this training is to learn how the different filters can alter the sound of a synth.
Exercise - Basic Noise Boosting Video
Exercise - Basic Noise Boosting Jul 6, 2012
For more info visit: This is the most basic exercise a beginner should do to start learning what each frequency sounds like. For more advanced exercises and possibilities of this software please visit our website.

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Using a couple different reverbs on a track is usually fine, but don't go overboard! 🚨
MusicProductionTips @MgntcSound (retweeted by @TrainYourEarsEN) Wednesday December 23, 2020
There’s an idea that you shouldn’t have any compression on the master bus if you’re gonna send the mix to mastering…
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New article! @jonesse Sarah Jones takes a closer look at the software-based ear training programme from…
TrainYourEars @TrainYourEarsEN Wednesday November 11, 2020
A great article made by @jonesse Sarah Jones explaining why you should start training your ears 😄👂
Gearslutz @Gearslutzforum
New article! @jonesse Sarah Jones takes a closer look at the software-based ear training programme from…
sonicstate @sonicstate (retweeted by @TrainYourEarsEN) Thursday October 29, 2020
Music for All Gets New Website: Support for music makers with limited access to musical instruments and lessons…
MusicProductionTips @MgntcSound (retweeted by @TrainYourEarsEN) Tuesday October 13, 2020
Automate subtle EQ moves to make a kick drum or a snare drum sound more realistic by adding natural sounding variat…
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Who’s your favourite artist from the 60’s?
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Why put boundaries on your creativity? — @davepensado
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Audio engineer Raphael Pulgar outlines a series of miking techniques for recording drums with each method using a d…
Produce Like A Pro @ProduceLikeAPro (retweeted by @TrainYourEarsEN) Monday July 20, 2020
Today's video is all about whether or not you should be mixing in mono. While you want your mix to sound great in…
TrainYourEars @TrainYourEarsEN Wednesday June 24, 2020
Brynner Agassi @BrynnerAgassi
A Funky Situation... @DisplacedMusic
Brynner Agassi @BrynnerAgassi (retweeted by @TrainYourEarsEN) Wednesday June 10, 2020
Success begins when you seek no validation from anyone other than yourself.
Ableton @Ableton (retweeted by @TrainYourEarsEN) Thursday May 21, 2020
Dive into the history and development of pre-Colombian instruments, and download a free collection of Instrument Ra…
Bobby Owsinski @bobbyowsinski (retweeted by @TrainYourEarsEN) Tuesday April 21, 2020
This Is What Coronavirus Sounds Like. A new way for researchers to look for a cure is to "sonify" the spike protein…
MusicProductionTips @MgntcSound (retweeted by @TrainYourEarsEN) Monday April 6, 2020
What’s the best advice you ever received and that you would like to pass on? Could be about music, creativity or life in general.
TrainYourEars @TrainYourEarsEN Wednesday March 25, 2020
This is simply amazing. Thanks for showing the world that wonderful music can be made from anywhere nowadays. And…
Four Tet @FourTet
This is where I recorded and mixed the album and all the gear I used
TrainYourEars @TrainYourEarsEN Tuesday March 10, 2020
That's absolutely right, your ears get tired too, like your brain or your muscles.
Karl-Johan Nilsson @kjnilsson
Picked up @TrainYourEarsEN - already noticed one interesting thing. I’m a lot worse when I’m tired and it’s late. Great software tho.
Bobby Owsinski @bobbyowsinski (retweeted by @TrainYourEarsEN) Thursday February 27, 2020
The Recorded Music Industry Did Really Well Last Year Thanks To Streaming. Even physical product did well.…
TrainYourEars @TrainYourEarsEN Wednesday February 12, 2020
Eli Carosi from the Italian tech site @CeotechI has done a great review of TrainYourEars. Check it out! 😄☝️
So, Which Band is Your Boyfriend in? @sowhichband (retweeted by @TrainYourEarsEN) Thursday January 30, 2020
‘Passion is key’: Mastering engineer @KatieTavini talks her mastering initiative for minority artists
TrainYourEars @TrainYourEarsEN Sunday January 19, 2020
Amazing guide for the perfect DIY music video in 2020.
AudioMusicSound @AudioMusicSound (retweeted by @TrainYourEarsEN) Tuesday January 14, 2020
It's addictive ⚡️ @TrainYourEarsEN
TrainYourEars @TrainYourEarsEN Monday September 30, 2019
It's been a while since we launched TrainYourEars but we still get this type of messages. Thank you guys, you are…
Room 66 @room_66 (retweeted by @TrainYourEarsEN) Thursday August 1, 2019
Have been using @TrainYourEarsEN for 6 months ... spectacular results. Faster mixing, better engineer!
TrainYourEars @TrainYourEarsEN Saturday June 8, 2019
Creativity has no limits 😄
Defacto Sound @defactosound
we sound designed a fashion show
Ari's Take @ArisTake (retweeted by @TrainYourEarsEN) Saturday April 20, 2019
Never before in the history of the modern music industry have independent musicians been able to sustain healthy, l…
AudioHertz @AudioHertz (retweeted by @TrainYourEarsEN) Saturday March 9, 2019
Motivational quote of the weekend for all of you beautiful people. What are you working on?
TrainYourEars @TrainYourEarsEN Wednesday March 20, 2019
TrainYourEars @TrainYourEarsEN Wednesday March 13, 2019
An *AMAZING* interactive introduction to Fourier transforms by @jezzamon
TrainYourEars @TrainYourEarsEN Saturday March 9, 2019
TrainYourEars: Proudly producing annoying audio kids since 2011 😎
AudioHertz @AudioHertz
That annoying audio kid is back.
TrainYourEars @TrainYourEarsEN Tuesday February 5, 2019
Worship Sound Guy @WorshipSoundGuy
Intern: “I mic’d the kick drum!” Me: “hmm...sounds pretty weird...” Intern: “I put it just outside like you said.”…
TrainYourEars @TrainYourEarsEN Thursday January 17, 2019
TrainYourEars @TrainYourEarsEN Sunday January 13, 2019
Richard Devine @RichardDevine
Fun with Spectrum      ╱     ╱     ╲     ╱     ╲     ╱    ╱    ╲    ╱-track by Rockwell "Aria"
AudioHertz @AudioHertz (retweeted by @TrainYourEarsEN) Monday December 31, 2018
TrainYourEars @TrainYourEarsEN Thursday December 27, 2018
Happy Holidays to everyone! 😌
Tape Op @tapeopmag (retweeted by @TrainYourEarsEN) Wednesday December 19, 2018
It's that time of year again where we make a noble attempt to pick only a handful of our favorite listens from the…
TrainYourEars @TrainYourEarsEN Wednesday November 7, 2018
"Skip music school, put a down payment on a house, build a modest studio, and work out often with TrainYourEars."…
TrainYourEars @TrainYourEarsEN Saturday October 27, 2018
Hey, hey... TrainYourEars got 9.3 in a Projet Home Studio!!! 🤫😁😁 Awesome review in French by the way, check it out!…
TrainYourEars @TrainYourEarsEN Thursday October 11, 2018
One of the best TYE video-reviews ever made, period 😑. By @CreativaMusical, a new site that's about to launch focus…
TrainYourEars @TrainYourEarsEN Saturday September 29, 2018
We've revamped our docs site! New design and updated content: 🤓🤓
Digital DJ Tips @DigitalDJTips (retweeted by @TrainYourEarsEN) Friday September 21, 2018
Train Your Ears EQ Tutor App Review: @TrainYourEarsEN #musicnews
⚡️ @BeatPhreaks (retweeted by @TrainYourEarsEN) Wednesday September 12, 2018
Watching seasoned producers or sound engineers dial in accurate EQ boosts or cuts to achieve certain results instan…
TrainYourEars @TrainYourEarsEN Monday September 3, 2018
Amazing review (and video!) from the guys at @DigitalDJTips 😁 BTW, if you are into DJing, you should check their we…
Digital DJ Tips @DigitalDJTips
Train Your Ears EQ Tutor App Review: @TrainYourEarsEN #musicnews
TrainYourEars @TrainYourEarsEN Friday August 31, 2018
9 Mix Bus Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making
Bobby Owsinski @bobbyowsinski (retweeted by @TrainYourEarsEN) Wednesday August 29, 2018
Chuck Ainlay And The Nashville Recording Approach. An outline of how it's different from just about anywhere else.…
LANDR @LANDR_music (retweeted by @TrainYourEarsEN) Saturday August 25, 2018
Protect your ears, they're your biggest assets! 1. Try to limit your exposure to two hour blocks, then reset for 3…
TrainYourEars @TrainYourEarsEN Thursday August 16, 2018
@PodcastEngineer Sure! Could you please send us an email to Thanks!!
TrainYourEars @TrainYourEarsEN Friday July 27, 2018
This made our day! Thank you @studio_crack for such an amazing review! We appreciate your support and really glad y…
StudioCrack @studio_crack
As you know: For a musician, your ears are the most important thing on your body. So it makes sense to improve th…
TrainYourEars @TrainYourEarsEN Monday July 23, 2018
4 Powerful Mixing Tools You Didn’t Know You Had

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TrainYourEars is an ear training software designed to help you understand equalizers and frequencies like never before.

TrainYourEars speeds up your learning process exposing you to hundreds of random equalizations you have to guess. In no time you will develop a frequency memory which will allow you to connect the sound you imagine in your head with the parameters you need to dial, quickly and easily than ever.

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