DUY is a plug-in manufacturer based in Barcelona. Creators of the legendary DaD Valve, DaD Tape and DUY Wide, as well as Magic Spectrum, the Hollywood industry standard for ADR. DUY software is used by companies such as Disney, Sony, Warner Bros, Skywalker, Technicolor, Todd-AO Soundelux, Electronic Arts, Deluxe, 20th Century Fox, as well as record producers like David Reitzas, Mutt Lange, Eric Bazilian, Ben Fenner, Mike Hedges, Chris Porter, Rafa Sardina and Spike Stent, among many others.


16 Products by DUY :

DUY Duy Analog Bus

Duy Analog Bus

Duy Analog Bus models the classical vintage mixing console buses within the digital domain. Extremely simple to use. You just have to set the amount of "Warmth" you...
DUY Duy DaD Tape

Duy DaD Tape

Duy DaD Tape was the first ever digital simulator of the analog tape sound for digital workstations. It can be purchased individually or as part of other bundles,...
DUY Duy DaD Valve

Duy DaD Valve

Duy DaD Valve was the first ever digital simulator of the classical valve sound for digital workstations. Duy DaD Valve can be purchased individually or as part of...

DUY DaD Vinyl

DaD Vinyl simulates the legendary and sought-after sound of old records. Not only does it imitate vinyls but it also simulates records made of other materials such as...
DUY Duy Deep Analog EQ

Duy Deep Analog EQ

Duy Deep Analog EQ is the first multiband parametric equalizer combining linear phase filtering with analog-modelled technology. Deep Analog EQ includes, a set of...
DUY Duy Dream Dynamics HDa

Duy Dream Dynamics HDa

Duy Dream Dynamics HDa is a revolutionary audio processor that optimizes music loudness intelligently. Duy's exclusive "ILE" algorithm is the brain behind this...
DUY Duy Magic Spectrum

Duy Magic Spectrum

Duy Magic Spectrum is a high resolution matching equalizer ideal for ADR. Duy's Magic Spectrum allows you to perform basic operations such as matching the spectrum of...
DUY Duy MagicEQ

Duy MagicEQ

MagicEQ is a high precision mastering tool which performs an automatic equalization of music mixes. Magic EQ is based on a new equalization concept that can be...
DUY Duy Monster Mix

Duy Monster Mix

Monster Mix is a simple and powerful automatic dynamics and equalization optimizer. Monster Mix is a considerable improvement in the sphere of complex music mixing...
DUY Duy Power

Duy Power

Duy Power is a simple yet revolutionary audio processor that optimizes music loudness intelligently. Duy's exclusive "ILE" algorithm is the brain behind this cleverly...
DUY Duy Shape

Duy Shape

Duy Shape is a unique 3 band sound processor that provides exclusive and unlimited special effects for your tracks. Duy Shape can be purchased individually or as part...
DUY Duy Silence

Duy Silence

Duy Silence is a powerful high precision noise removal software plug-in. Silence enables you to collect with an analysis method, the noise in a portion or the...
DUY Duy Wide

Duy Wide

Duy Wide is a stereo and multichannel spatial enhancer. It allows widening of the stereo image, as well as sound placement outside the physical speaker locations....
DUY Duy31


Duy31 is a suite of 3 high-quality plug-ins for room analysis and equalization. Duy31 is comprised of: • Duy31 Graphic: a 31-band graphic EQ equipped with amazing...
DUY LucidVerb


LucidVerb is a hybrid convolution reverberator featuring a proprietary sonic "DNA" modeler engine able to render any number of totally decorrelated impulse responses...
DUY Max Duy

Max Duy

Max Duy is a sound level maximizer based on Duy’s exclusive "ILO" algorithm. Max Duy plug-in can be purchased individually or as part of other bundles, such as Duy’s...

11 Bundles by DUY :

DUY Analog Bundle

Analog Bundle Bundle

The Analog Bundle contains Duy's famous DaD Valve and DaD Tape plug-ins.
DUY Analog Bundle Pro

Analog Bundle Pro Bundle

Analog Bundle Pro is the complete bundle of the warmest classic Duy plug-ins...
DUY Easy Mastering Bundle

Easy Mastering Bundle Bundle

With the Easy Mastering Bundle, you no longer need accurate monitors to masterize your music productions. Now you can do it with small speakers or even headphones at...
DUY EverPack

EverPack Bundle

Duy EverPack is a bundle of 5 high-quality plug-ins at an amazing price – which has made it one of Duy's most popular products ever.
DUY Gold Bundle

Gold Bundle Bundle

This bundle contains 15 amazing high-quality plug-ins from Duy, for 64 bit AAX, Audio Units, and VST.
DUY Mastering Bundle

Mastering Bundle Bundle

This bundle of Duy plug-ins for 64 bit AAX, Audio Units, and VST, contains 10 amazing high-quality plug-ins especially suitable for mastering: • Dream Dynamics, •...
DUY Music Creators Bundle

Music Creators Bundle Bundle

This bundle of DUY plug-ins for 64 bit AAX, Audio Units, and VST(*), contains ten amazing high-quality plug-ins. Please note that Lucidverb is an AAX, AU and VST3 (...
DUY Native Essentials

Native Essentials Bundle

This collection provides Duy's amazing high-quality classic plug-in for 64 bit AAX, Audio Units, and VST.
DUY Platinum Bundle

Platinum Bundle Bundle

This bundle contains all 16 amazing high-quality plug-ins from Duy, for 64 bit AAX, Audio Units, and VST formats... Please note that LucidVerb is available as a AAX,...
DUY Power Mix Bundle

Power Mix Bundle Bundle

The Power Mix Bundle contains both Duy Power and Duy Monster Mix : • Duy Power is a simple and revolutionary audio processor that optimizes music loudness...
DUY Producers Bundle

Producers Bundle Bundle

The DUY Producer's Bundle a collection of exceptional high-quality plug-ins designed for 64-bit AAX, Audio Units, and VST formats. This comprehensive bundle comprises...

Latest News from DUY :

Time Travel Unveiled
Friday November 24, 2023
We proudly announce the release of Time Travel, capable of emulating audio characteristics spanning from 1857 to the present, Time Travel transcends the boundaries of time and charts a new course in sound processing.

Time Travel encapsulates the essence of each technological era’s impact on sound. It meticulously models the dynamic range, frequency content, and physical properties of historical recording technologies for a truly auditory journey through time.
Beyond emulation, Time Travel grants granular control over three core elements: dynamics, frequency, and physical modeling, with each parameter adjustable to pinpoint a specific moment in audio history. This paradigm allows for the creation of soundscapes that can unite the hiss of a 1960s cassette, the warmth of a vinyl record, and the precision of modern digital processing.
The core innovation of Time Travel lies in the smooth transition between eras, a feature that sets it apart as a unique multidimensional audio morphing tool. Whether a subtle evolution or a rapid shift is desired, the speed parameter adjusts the pace of sonic transformation across technological milestones, allowing listeners to navigate seamlessly through the soundscapes of different eras, from the crackling warmth of early phonographs to the crystalline clarity of modern-day digital streaming.
Time Travel is not only able of stimulate artistic ingenuity, but also to revolutionize aural storytelling. With its user-friendly interface, it whisks users away on a sonic odyssey, offering dynamic reshaping of audio to flow smoothly between time periods, thanks to its sophisticated algorithm and nuanced modeling of historical sound profiles.
Ideal for mixing, mastering, or creating unique soundscapes, Time Travel transcends traditional boundaries of audio processing. It empowers users to craft new sound perspectives and offers endless creativity in mixing and producing music, voiceovers, and special effects.
Time Travel is the dazzling result of collaboration between DSPATIAL and DUY technologies, combining their respective expertise in spatial and temporal sound manipulation.
Fully compatible with major Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs), supporting AAX, VST3, and Audio Units, Time Travel is available for both Windows and Mac.




To fully appreciate Time Travel, a stereo system with a wide frequency response range is necessary.
Good headphones can also be used, but they are not a prerequisite. . BACK TO THE PAST Backwards Time Travel
Nonno di Stromboli

Quijote´s Epic Travel

Backwards War
BACK TO THE PRESENT Forward Time Travel
Love Letters

Salsa Beat

Lascia Ch´io Pianga

50´s classic

A Capella Voice

Jazzy Saxophone

Land of Friends

Muss i Denn

Sabor a Ti
. A SONIC ODYSSEY Journey back and forth through the multiverse
2023: A Sonic Oddyssey



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Apple Silicon Native Support
Tuesday June 20, 2023

All DUY plug-ins already provide Apple Silicon (M1/M2/M3) support, including AAX, Audio Units (AU) and VST 3. Both Rosetta 2 emulation and native versions available.

All DUY plugins are supported: Time Travel, POWER, Dream Dynamics, DaD Valve, DaD Tape, DUY Shape, DUY Wide, MAX DUY, Magic Spectrum, MagicEQ, DUY31, Silence, Deep Analog EQ, Analog Bus, Monster MIX, Lucid Verb and Vinyl.

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Ventura Compatible Versions
Tuesday June 20, 2023

DUY’s plug-ins are now compatible with macOS 13 Ventura

All DUY plugins are supported: POWER, Dream Dynamics, DaD Valve, DaD Tape, DUY Shape, DUY Wide, MAX DUY, Magic Spectrum, MagicEQ, DUY31, Silence, Deep Analog EQ, Analog Bus, Monster MIX, Lucid Verb* and Vinyl

These newly released versions also include 64 bit AAX, AU, VST and VST3 for Mac (*Lucid Verb is available for AAX and AU)

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25 Years Of Innovation
Saturday January 8, 2022

We have spent the last 25 years developing exclusive signal processing algorithms.

During this 25-year journey, we have created algorithms such as Magic Spectrum, the standard ADR in Hollywood, the classical DaD Valve and DaD Tape, or more recently LucidVerb, the first-ever convolution reverberation with rendeded IRs.

To celebrate our 25th anniversary, in 2022 we will be making offers of the first products we launched at the 1997 NAMM in Anaheim. Stay tuned!

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LucidVerb Released
Monday November 26, 2018

We proudly present LucidVerb, the first ever DNA model based convolution reverberation.

LucidVerb features a proprietary sonic DNA modeler engine able to render any number of totally decorrelated impulse responses at lightning speed.
Those IRs feed real-time convolutions resulting in an extremely immersive spatial sound with an overall dynamics of more than 120 dB.”

Instead of sampling impulse responses (IRs) of the rooms and spaces, LucidVerb creates models that define the spaces by means of geometrical and physical parameters. It samples the “DNA” of the space by defining size, shape, surfaces and other physical parameters, before transferring them to the rendering engine. Those parameters can always be modified so that any space can be emulated.

With other technologies adjust reverb time is often a challenge. With LucidVerb, the reverberation length can be changed from 0.1 to 10 seconds without switching presets or readjusting any other settings. The size and length of the featured IRs can be modified to match the space being simulated while retaining sonic integrity and character, making programming much easier.

– A library of more than 400 impulse responses (IRs)
– Indoor and Outdoor space simulation
– 0.1 to 10 seconds reverb time range for all IRs
– Dual reverb mode for seamless real-time scene changes on each instance
– Up to 9.1 channels ( 7.1.2 ) within standard Pro Tools tracks and buses. Up to 7.1 in Audio Units Host.
– Multichannel, stereo or mono inputs in standard Pro Tools (AAX) and Logic Audio (Audio Units) tracks
– Reverberation channels are fully decorrelated IRs
– Rehearsal model with 4 sound files
– AAX2 standard and Audio Units native plug-in versions
– Full compatibility with Pro Tools Ultimate 2018
– 7.1.2 and 7.0.2 channels, compatible with Dolby Atmos beds (Only in Pro Tools)
– 120 dB dynamic range

LucidVerb includes the 64 bit AAX and AU versions for Mac OSX.

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