Protection Type
an iLok Dongle is required
Windows Requirements
  • Windows not supported!
Mac Requirements
  • Host application compatible with:
    • AAX Native plugins
    • Audio-Unit plugins
    • VST plugins
  • Mac OSX 10.7 or higher (Mac OS Big Sur compatible)
  • AAX format: Pro Tools 2021.6 with Big Sur M1 support under Rosetta 2
  • Audio Units, VST, and VST 3 plug-ins are not yet compatible with M1
  • ProTools 12 and 64-bit systems supported
  • A Generation 2 or 3 iLok dongle is required for authorization
This bundle contains 5 products.
You save 46% from the $1,485 regular price!
The Warmest Classic Duy plug-ins
Analog Bundle Pro is the complete bundle of the warmest classic Duy plug-ins...


This bundle of Duy plug-ins, contains 5 amazing high-quality plug-ins :

Dream Dynamics is a revolutionary audio processor that optimizes music loudness intelligently. It can replace classical multi-band compressors, limiters, and levelers. It can do this while delivering a better sounding end result with the greatest of ease.

Analog BUS models the classical vintage mixing console buses within the digital domain.

The Duy DaD Tape simulates the sound of analog tapes for digital audio systems. It features physical modeling of the four most representative tape recorders on the market.

The Duy DaD Valve plug-in is based on physical modeling technology that simulates a classic tube. It features some of the most popular valve types (triode, tetrode, and pentode) and comes with a wide range of tools and configurations such as biasing and operating levels.

Deep Analog EQ is DUY’s new approach to analog equalizers. With dedicated proprietary technology, analog warmth can be controlled in an unprecedented way and with high-quality standards.

Products included in this Bundle

Duy Analog Bus
Duy Analog Bus $ 99
Vintage Mixing Console Buses
Duy DaD Tape
Duy DaD Tape $ 399
The Original Analog Tape Plug-in
Duy DaD Valve
Duy DaD Valve $ 349
The Original Classical Valve Plug-in
Duy Deep Analog EQ
Duy Deep Analog EQ $ 239
A Linear Phase Parametric Multiband EQ
Duy Dream Dynamics HDa
Duy Dream Dynamics HDa $ 399
Optimize music loudness intelligently


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Formats : AAX NativeAudio-UnitVST
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