Protection Type
an iLok Dongle is required
Windows Requirements
  • Windows not supported
Mac Requirements
  • Host application compatible with:
    • AAX Native plugins
    • Audio-Unit plugins
    • VST plugins
  • Mac: AU, AAX, VST and VST3
  • Mac OSX 10.12 or higher
  • Intel 64 bits processors supported
  • Apple M Series processors are natively supported
  • An iLok dongle is required for authorization
Hi-Res Matching EQ
Duy Magic Spectrum is a high resolution matching equalizer ideal for ADR.

Duy's Magic Spectrum allows you to perform basic operations such as matching the spectrum of one piece of audio to another, it is the perfect tool for ADR. It also enables you to actually modify the frequency contents yourself with specific editing Tools.

The most basic (and extremely useful!) utility that Magic Spectrum provides is the matching of spectrums. Let's take for example a track you like the sound of : "play it" through the Magic Spectrum. Then, take your track and analyze your sound. Finally, apply the sound 'character' of the song you like to your own song, in whichever amount you like. As easy as that!

If you have no songs to use as a reference, you may also load any of the many included presets. These include analyses from some of the best recordings of all time, or from specific-sounding masters. Magic Spectrum can also be used as an EQ, or you can even load 4 different responses and vectorially combine these responses in the way you see fit. This allows you to add “more character” of one sound or more from another...

The "Advanced" mode,thanks to the very precise graphic editing tools, enables you to directly manipulate the spectrum.

Product Features

  • High resolution 2048 band automatic equalization to an external reference.
  • Ideal for ADR.
  • Advanced graphical interface for compound equalizations.
  • Editing mode for complete control


OS : Mac OSX Mac OSX
Formats : AAX NativeAudio-UnitVST
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