Krotos Audio Dehumaniser 2
Protection Type
an iLok Dongle is required
Windows Requirements
  • Host application compatible with:
    • AAX Native plugins
    • VST plugins
Windows 7 or above 2.4 GHz Intel Dual Core processor 32 and 64 bit Minimum RAM 4GB
Mac Requirements
  • Host application compatible with:
    • AAX Native plugins
    • Audio-Unit plugins
    • VST plugins
Mac OS 10.8 and above 2.4 GHz Intel Dual Core processor 32 and 64 bit Minimum RAM 4GB
Powerful vocal processing tool
Dehumaniser 2 is a powerful vocal processing tool perfect for a range of vocal effects, from monsters to robots and many more. Utilising incoming live or pre-recorded signals, the software allows you to dynamically tailor effects while creating multi-layered sound instantly.

Perfect for audio professionals, this versatile tool makes a strong addition to any film, TV or video game post-production process. Its flexibility also makes the plugin ideal for use in live environments, including theatre performances, Halloween attractions or voiceover/dialogue sessions.

Product Features

Perform live directly in your session
  • Use Dehumaniser 2 in industry-standard DAWs including Pro Tools, Logic, Reaper, Live, Cubase and Digital Performer
  • Run multiple instances of Dehumaniser 2 on different tracks or buses
  • Automate hundreds of parameters for unprecedented control over your processing and workflow
Modular, node-based system
  • Design complex processing systems quickly and easily for unique sound design setups
  • Clearly see the layout of audio routings
  • Use up to two instances of each node; use multiple pitch shifters, granular processors, spectral or convolution processes or more in complex serial or parallel signal paths
  • Create dynamic systems and settings which are truly performable
Packed with inspiring presets and sounds
  • Our factory library ships with over 100 thrilling presets and 133 high-quality animal recordings, including Tigers, Leopards, Pigs, Parrots and more
  • Jump straight into creature design or create your own settings
  • Trigger sample sounds based on amplitude, pitch or from a range of audio descriptors
Additional features
  • Create dynamic effects that react to the input signal; create processing engaged by pitch or amplitude settings per node
  • Select between peak level, RMS level, energy difference or pitch tracking to bring your signal to life
  • Midi control, assign and recall
  • Gate, EQ and Limiters per module (including input and output)
  • Custom ‘drawer’ macro system per node
  • Envelope-follow based on pitch or noise content as well as amplitude, per module in your custom system


Dehumaniser 2 Overview Video
Dehumaniser 2 Overview
00:04:28 by Krotos Audio Aug 5, 2016
Check out all of the unique features Dehumaniser 2 has to offer, including their new modules, sound libraries, and tips on how to get the best sound design for your next creature, monster or robot.
Dehumaniser 2 Trailer Video
Dehumaniser 2 Trailer
00:01:41 by Krotos Audio May 5, 2016
This video presents Dehumaniser, it revolutionised audio and sound design, quickly becoming industry-standard software for creature creation used by the leading film and video game studios.


OS : Mac OSX Mac OSXWindows Windows
Formats : AAX NativeAudio-UnitVST
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