Protection Type
an iLok Dongle is required
Windows Requirements
  • Host application compatible with:
    • AAX Native plugins
    • RTAS plugins
    • VST plugins
  • Windows (64-bit) Vista or above
  • 512 MB RAM
Mac Requirements
  • Host application compatible with:
    • AAX Native plugins
    • Audio-Unit plugins
    • RTAS plugins
    • VST plugins
  • Mac OSX 10.9 or above (not yet compatible with macOS Big Sur / Monterey)
  • 512 MB RAM
Upgrade from Monofilter to Monofilter 4
This upgrade is for owners of Monofilter to upgrade to the new Monofilter 4.

When solid or natural sounding bass is a requirement in your recording projects, Monofilter provides the foundation for real power and definition. Bring transparent solidity to your bass; sharpen, define and align for the tightest mix.

Monofilter defines the centre of your bass, so easily lost through stereo effects processing, synth sound generation, unwanted phase inconsistencies and live recording microphone bleed. Market-leading features give accurate control over stereo spread, transition and phase alignment, with precise visual feedback in a tactile interface that lets you grab the applied stereo envelope and manipulate it directly – without using abstract parameters and knobs.

Trusted by producers:

With presets for every situation and intuitive controls for fine tuning to perfection, Monofilter anchors your bass with ease, while retaining the perceived spatial characteristics of the original sound.

• Independent mono & stereo trim
• Stereo spectrum analysis
• Zero Latency option
• Linear Phase option
• HQ mode
• Phase correlation control


Typical applications:

• Bringing definition to weak bass
• Re-centering low frequencies
• Correcting phase issues
• Restoring old masters
• Mastering for vinyl
• Optimising for louder playback
• Ensuring mono-compatibility
• Fixing samples

Product Features

  • Mastering Quality Processing
  • Linear phase Monofiltering
  • Precise low end phase alignment
  • Auto level trim and phase control
  • Linear phase High Pass filter
  • Multiple output modes
  • Clear band limited operation
  • Stereo real-time audio analysis
  • Real-time correlation by frequency analysis
  • Click-and-drag stereo width envelope


Monofilter Elements: How to Solidify Your EDM Bass Video
Monofilter Elements: How to Solidify Your EDM Bass
00:04:23 by NUGEN Audio Aug 9, 2021
In this video, Tom Griffin explains how to automate Monofilter Elements to add movement to your bass.


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