Protection Type
Serial Number (no Dongle required)
Windows Requirements
  • Host application compatible with:
    • AAX Native plugins
    • VST plugins
    • VST3 plugins
  • Intel PC with 2 GHz Dual2Core processor or better
  • Windows 7/64 bit – 11
  • 2GB min., 4GB or more suggested.
  • 64 Bit Host Application
Mac Requirements
  • Host application compatible with:
    • AAX Native plugins
    • Audio-Unit plugins
    • VST plugins
    • VST3 plugins
  • Intel Mac PC with 2 GHz Dual2Core Processor or better, M1 (Rosetta)
  • Mac OS X 10.13 – 11.+
  • 2GB min., 4GB or more suggested.
  • 64 Bit Host Application
In-one - Binaural monitoring plug-in
single plug-in for instant binaural track and bus processing

The In-One version is a kind of “quick and dirty” stand-alone version of New Audio Technology's Spatial Audio Designer (SAD), used mainly for monitoring and bus virtualization applications in DAWs.

The Spatial Audio Designer is the market leading high-performance pro audio tool for creating content and monitoring in surround and 3D. Users are e.g. movies, music, game, VR, broadcast events, and industry.

This product is included in both the SAD Producer and Producer Plus, handling up to to eight different sources of audio input and binaural output.

It’s that simple: insert the SAD In-One into a DAW track or bus to hear playback on the virtual loudspeaker system of an existing professional studio environment.

Get easy access to high-quality loudspeaker systems and reliable mixes from bedrooms, kitchens and cafés. On-the-go music producers can continue to work on studio mixes and audio can quickly be crosschecked in a variety of different environments.

Monitoring 5.1 / 7.1 surround sound can be done quickly and reliably, even if no actual loudspeaker systems are available. Simply insert the SAD In-One into the master bus of a DAW or video workstation, and it’ll deliver instant binaural processing capabilities on Channels 1 & 2.

This binaural output can also be recorded as an extra “virtual 3D headphone track” for online, Blu-Ray or DVD playback. And because it’s all done in real-time, the SAD In-One binaural output can be used for live streaming as well.

Immersive DAW mixes can also be monitored in the absence of a real immersive monitoring environment. Virtual dub stages allow for the pre- and post-production of film projects as well as presenting work to clients online.

Finally, the SAD In-One can be used to create exciting effects for different audio sources in stereo mixes for headphone applications. Each source can be placed into a separate binaural environment and then be mixed and mastered in regular stereo productions, keeping the binaural effect.

Product Features

  • Real measured binaural environments: Access around 70 different professional studio environments, including music and mastering studios, dub stages and fulldomes.
  • Individual headphone compensation: About 40 different headphone compensations from well-known manufacturers.
  • Input tuning: Individual positioning, movement and level tuning of input sources.
  • Immersive support: The plug-in can be used in multi-channel DAW strips to accommodate 7.1.4 systems and beyond for reliable binaural monitoring.
  • Individual binaural processing: Virtual rooms can be adjusted and saved as individual presets.


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