Protection Type
Serial Number (no Dongle required)
Windows Requirements
  • Windows 8 or higher
  • Dual Core CPU
  • 4GB RAM (minimum)
Mac Requirements
  • Mac OS X Yosemite 10.13 or higher
  • Dual Core CPU
  • 4GB RAM (minimum)
The ultimate tool to learn and play guitar.
Guitar Pro is a powerful score player really helpful to learn how to play, improve your technique, reproduce your favorite songs or accompany yourself.

Guitar Pro allows you to compose and read music scores using the musical notation of your favorite instrument. Display the tablature notation to learn guitar riffs or use the standard notation to read music score for piano, drums, brass and strings. Rediscover also the Slash notation to sight-read easily rhythmic patterns from chord charts, and much more...

The latest version is including new features like audio track, allowing you to add an audio track to your score, to get a full audio song to help you for transcription, or add a simple voice track to make your score more real. This feature includes a time stretching, tempo, tone and many other adjustments tools to allow you to perfectly synchronize your audio track to you score.

This version also includes a ton of new features for score editing, like nested tuplets, a new command palette, design mode improvement, new transpose tools, focus mode, and many other small feature improvements.

The audio parts as a new pedalboard, improved sound banks and new drum mix features.

The latest Guitar Pro also includes many interface and workflow improvements.

Product Features

  • Read music scores and tabs
  • Customize your score
  • Create multitrack scores
  • Bar and Sheet Music organization
  • Music notation
  • Playing effects
  • Tools for composing music: Chords, Scales, Lyrics, Polyphonic Tuner, Virtual Instruments
  • Print and share your files
  • Via the Tools "Transpose" menu you can now transpose chords, and apply a diatonic transposition.
  • In the relative tempo drop-down menu you will find options to force the tempo to a chosen bpm throughout the song.
  • Visual Metronome and Countdown
  • Keyboard shortcuts (+/-) to change relative tempo during playback


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Formats : Standalone Application
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