Unleash the Raw Power of 70's Rock

Step back in time to the era of iconic rock legends, where the sound of Led Zeppelin ruled the stage. With BFD's London 70's expansion pack, you can now capture the essence of those legendary rock vibes and infuse your music with the raw energy of the 1970s.

BFD's meticulously crafted samples transport you to an era when rock music was at its peak, and every hit was felt deep in your soul.

Get ready for big, booming rock drums that pack a punch like no other.

In perfect harmony with our meticulously recorded drum sounds, the London 70's Expansion comes complete with a treasure trove of 178 individual Grooves.

These rhythmic gems are a sonic bridge to the soul of the '70s, tailor-made for evoking the spirit of Led Zeppelin and that iconic era.

Whether you're igniting your next creative spark or weaving them into your latest production, these Grooves are your secret weapon for infusing that unmistakable '70s rock vibe into your music.


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