The commanding presence of a Q Drums Mahogany drumkit

BFD Dark Mahogany envelops your productions in the resounding, commanding presence of a Q Drums Mahogany drumkit. Drawing its inspiration from the mid-2000's California hard rock scene, this drumkit effortlessly straddles the line between accompanying a wall of colossal guitars and locking into the groove of your tight bass lines and chug-laden rhythm sections.

The heart of this kit lies within its meticulously tuned 24x18 bass drum, boasting unparalleled perfection, accompanied by two exceptional snares: the iconic Ludwig 402 and a Q Drums aluminium beauty. These drums bestow upon your production the immense weight and robustness it craves, infusing a modern drum sound that's bound to ignite creativity. Featuring a solitary rack tom and two formidable floor toms, this drumkit possesses a distinctive character, rendering tribal-like, thunderous tom fills an effortless endeavour. The core sound is deep and woody, endowing your composition with an authentic "live in the studio" ambiance.

The mellifluous Zildjian hi-hat and cymbals exhibit a dynamic, ethereal quality that seamlessly complements the drum shells, creating a harmonious musical landscape.

Recorded at the renowned Middle Farm Studios in the picturesque South Devon, England, these drums were captured with painstaking attention to detail, ensuring that the dreaded machine-gun effect is entirely absent. Employing top-tier microphones and preamps, the studio harnessed the essence of its stone-walled live room with unparalleled precision.

To facilitate your creative journey, BFD Dark Mahogany provides five expertly crafted presets, perfect for moments of spontaneous inspiration when you wish to bypass the intricacies of mixing. Additionally, an original mix preset offers the raw, unadulterated studio recordings, allowing you to retrace your steps and make your own production choices once the songwriting process is complete.

Whether crafting hard rock anthems, delving into the realms of metal, or exploring the pop genre, BFD Dark Mahogany is your go-to choice. It delivers drums brimming with character, ready to take a prominent role in your music, enhancing its overall impact.


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