The iconic sound of dance music
Mmerse yourself in the hazy aura of 90s club culture with the F9 Origins expansion, available in MPC format.

This carefully curated collection encapsulates the iconic sound that defined an era of dance music, serving it fresh for modern producers. We've successfully bottled the vibrant rhythms, pulsating beats, and memorable early-digital and analog tones that set the 90s club scene apart. Experience the nostalgia of past decades and inject your contemporary production with the enduring energy of classic house music.

For the Origins sampling journey, we returned to the authentic hardware synths, drum machines, and FX processors that gave 90s house music its unique and potent sonic identity. This authenticity endows the pack with an unparalleled advantage, embodying the substantial body, intensity, and vigor of the keyboard, synth, and bass sounds that propelled classic house music onto global nightclubs and radio airwaves.

Available as fully playable MPC Keygroup instruments, kits, and menus for MPC software and hardware versions running MPC 2.11 or later, and Akai Force V3.2 or later.

Product Features

4Gb+ MPC Expansion 142 Fully playable MPC Keygroup instruments 17 Drum Kits 13 Drum and FX menus Comprehensive set of Qlink macros for each patch/kit Audio previews for all patches, kits, menus, and kit sequences


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