Elevate your sound with the mesmerizing rhythm of Jazz Sticks

Unlike other BFD Expansions, BFD Player 1.1.0 is required and Jazz Sticks is NOT COMPATIBLE with BFD3.

Crafted from the acclaimed BFD Jazz Noir expansion pack, this pack unveils a distinctive essence, introducing the timeless allure of vintage jazz.

Immerse yourself in the essence of jazz, lounge, funk, and blues, where subtlety meets undeniable power. The soulful beats of a vintage Camco ‘1962’ Oaklawn drumkit breathe life into your compositions, delivering a smooth yet commanding presence that resonates across genres.

Unleash the finesse of stick-played drums, meticulously captured to elevate your musical creations. Whether you seek the seductive whispers of lounge music or the vibrant pulse of funk and blues, BFD Player - Jazz Sticks stands as your gateway to a world of evocative rhythm.

With its nuanced articulation and undeniable charm, this pack is your ultimate companion for creating soulful, sophisticated, and unforgettable beats. Elevate your music. Let BFD Player - Jazz Sticks define your sound.

Product Features

  • 14x20” Camco Oaklawn Kick - open and dampened variations
  • 14x14” Camco Oaklawn Floor Tom
  • 8x12” Camco Oaklawn High Tom
  • 14x4.5” Camco Oaklawn Snare
  • 24” Istanbul 30th Anniversary Ride
  • 18” Istanbul Dark Crash
  • 14” Istanbul Agop Signature Hihat
  • Groove Count: 239
  • Groove Genres: Jazz, Lounge, Blues, Funk
  • Preset Count: 9 production presets and 1 ‘Original Mix’ preset.


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