Your Rhythmic Foundation for Chart Topping Hits

Derived from the renowned BFD3 Core Library, this drum sample pack is a sonic treasure trove tailored specifically for pop and rock songwriters.

Featuring a 1980 Gretsch maple drumkit, each beat, fill, and groove resonates with the unmistakable essence of pop and rock music. Elevate your tracks with the authentic sound and feel of these meticulously crafted drum samples, meticulously recorded and expertly curated to seamlessly integrate into your production workflow.

Pop Essentials also comes with a complement of Paiste cymbals, and a fantastic sounding Tama Bell Brass snare drum.

Whether you're seeking that infectious pop punch or the driving force behind rock anthems, Pop Essentials provides the essential rhythmic backbone for your creative vision. Unleash the power of these pristine drum sounds and watch your compositions soar to new heights.

Join the league of hitmakers and elevate your music with Pop Essentials – where the heartbeat of your songs meets professional-grade quality and unmatched authenticity.

Product Features

  • 24x18” Gretsch Purple Kick
  • 14x12” Gretsch Purple Floor Tom
  • 12x9” Gretsch Purple Mid Tom
  • 10x7” Gretsch Purple High Tom
  • 14x6.5” Tama Bell Brass Snare
  • 21” Paiste Signature Dry Heavy Ride
  • 18” Paiste Signature Full Crash
  • 14” Paiste Signature Hihat
  • 17” Paiste Signature Power Crash
  • Groove Count: 308
  • Groove Genres: Pop, Rock
  • Preset Count: 8 production presets and 1 ‘Original Mix’ preset.


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