A groundbreaking effect combining a resonant filter bank with a pattern generator and skewing envelope
The MF-105S MuRF is a re-invention of Moog Music’s classic MF-105 analog effects pedal.

The MF-105 MuRF (Multiple Resonant Filter Array), originally introduced in 2004, contained two basic functions: an 8-band array of resonant filters that can be voiced for bass or mid frequency response, and a pre-programmed ANIMATION module that generates sequences of envelopes that modulate the levels of the 8 filters.

Designed by Bob Moog and his engineering team, the MF-105 was a direct descendant of the original Moog modular synthesizers, adapted to process, modulate, and play with inputs ranging from guitar, voice, and synthesizer to any imaginable audio source.

The MF-105 MuRF has been meticulously recreated as the MF-105S, capturing not only the distinctive sound of the original, but also the organic way in which the parameters interact to create a musical playing experience.

With CV interconnectivity, stereo functionality, an extended feature set, the ability to run multiple instances, and presets, the MF-105S plug-in further tailors the classic Moogerfooger functionality to the modern digital creator.

About the Moogerfooger Effects Plug-ins

Moogerfooger Effects Plug-ins are a re-invention of Moog’s classic analogue effects pedals, bringing the legendary tone, musicality, and interconnectivity of the original hardware effects to your digital music production environment.


Exploring Moogerfooger Plug-ins MF-105S MuRF Video
Exploring Moogerfooger Plug-ins MF-105S MuRF
00:05:11 by Moog Music Inc Jun 27, 2023
This video demonstrates using the MF-105S MuRF to process several sounds generated from a Eurorack modular system in a mix. The MuRF is a versatile processor that can be used for EQing, filtering,...


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