Krotos is based in Edinburgh, Scotland and creates unique audio software products for AAA game studios, film studios, and top-notch post-production companies worldwide. Their first product, Dehumaniser Pro, was launched November 2013 to rave reviews and since, the company has quickly grown in size whilst releasing numerous exciting products. As the brainchild of sound designer Orfeas Boteas, Krotos is always looking for ways to improve the post-production process while simultaneously making it fun for sound engineers.


5 Products by Krotos Audio :

Krotos Audio Dehumaniser 2

Dehumaniser 2 is a powerful vocal processing tool perfect for a range of vocal effects, from monsters to robots and many more. Utilising incoming live or pre-recorded...
Krotos Audio Dehumaniser Simple Monsters

Perfect for audio professionals, students or anyone looking for advanced sound design at great value, this versatile tool makes a strong addition to any...
Krotos Audio Reformer Pro

Krotos Audio, the company behind the innovative Dehumaniser, Reformer and Weaponiser product range, are pleased to announce the new and improved Reformer Pro – further...
Krotos Audio Weaponiser Basic

Krotos Audio, the company behind the innovative Dehumaniser and Reformer product range, are pleased to announce the release of their latest product - Weaponiser....
Krotos Audio Weaponiser Fully Loaded

Krotos Audio, the company behind the innovative Dehumaniser and Reformer product range, are pleased to announce the release of their latest product - Weaponiser....

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Krotos @KrotosAudio Friday September 21, 2018
Sound designer Joseph Fraioli of @jafbox, known for his latest work on @KIN took a moment to share his workflow usi…
Krotos @KrotosAudio Thursday September 20, 2018
@theGeorgeVlad The pleasure was all ours George! :)
George Vlad @theGeorgeVlad (retweeted by @KrotosAudio) Tuesday September 18, 2018
@KrotosAudio Thanks everyone at Krotos, it was quite a pleasure!
Toolfarm Inc. @toolfarm (retweeted by @KrotosAudio) Monday September 17, 2018
Review: New Software Review: Dehumaniser 2 by Krotos - SonicScoop
Studio One Expert @StudioOneExpert (retweeted by @KrotosAudio) Thursday September 20, 2018
Krotos Audio Reformer Pro - Will It Transform Your Sound Design Workflow?
Logic Pro Expert @logicproexpert (retweeted by @KrotosAudio) Thursday September 20, 2018
Krotos Audio Reformer Pro - Will It Transform Your Sound Design Workflow?
Pro Tools Expert @protoolsexpert (retweeted by @KrotosAudio) Thursday September 20, 2018
Krotos Audio Reformer Pro - Will It Transform Your Sound Design Workflow?
Krotos @KrotosAudio Wednesday September 19, 2018
Stockhausen at @Musikfest Berlin. An interview with Sound Director Paul Jeukendrup, "one of the most influential co…
Krotos @KrotosAudio Tuesday September 18, 2018
Sound designer, recordist and composer @theGeorgeVlad based in London, UK creates audio for video games and field r…
Krotos @KrotosAudio Monday September 17, 2018
Sound Design, I am your father. Archival footage shows Ben Burtt, the @starwars sound design master and his method…
Krotos @KrotosAudio Friday September 14, 2018
Explore the world of video game music from the composers behind Doom, Dead Space and Alien-Isolation. Some very cre…
Krotos @KrotosAudio Thursday September 13, 2018
The @KrotosAudio team will be visiting #LosAngeles, #Toronto and #Montreal in a couple of weeks. If anyone going to…
George Vlad @theGeorgeVlad (retweeted by @KrotosAudio) Wednesday September 12, 2018
Here's a quick interview I did for Krotos. I had a lot of fun creating presets for Weaponiser a while back:
WEAREROBOTS @WEAREROBOTSLDN (retweeted by @KrotosAudio) Friday August 24, 2018
We Are Robots 2018 website is now live! 👩🏼‍💻 12 - 14 October @ Old Truman Brewery (FREE ENTRY) Check the link for…
Krotos @KrotosAudio Wednesday September 12, 2018
@NOVO_SOUND @theGeorgeVlad Find out more about Weaponiser V1.1.0 and the new Battle Bundle:
NOVO SOUND @NOVO_SOUND (retweeted by @KrotosAudio) Wednesday September 12, 2018
@theGeorgeVlad Cool interview 👍🏻 We’re yet to check out @KrotosAudio Weaponiser ourselves but is seems epic from what we’ve seen.
Krotos @KrotosAudio Wednesday September 12, 2018
Meet @stephanschutze of Sound Librarian, sound designer and creator of the extensive weapon sound effects library f…
Krotos @KrotosAudio Tuesday September 11, 2018
Following up on our interview with Sound Designer Joseph Fraioli (@jafbox), a more in-depth look at the sound desig…
ブラウシェ @browshe (retweeted by @KrotosAudio) Sunday September 9, 2018
KROTOSの3つ主力製品「Dehumaniser 2」「Reformer Pro」「Weaponiser Fully Loaded」をバンドルしたパッケージが登場
Krotos @KrotosAudio Friday September 7, 2018
Alex Brandon and his team at @FunkyRustic used Dehumaniser 2 together with organic, mechanical, and synthetic sourc…
Krotos @KrotosAudio Thursday September 6, 2018
A look back in the archives - how to create dinosaur sounds with our original stand-alone Dehumaniser.…
void/BMSから逃げるな @void_inzalis (retweeted by @KrotosAudio) Wednesday September 5, 2018
これがドールズフロントラインちゃんですか / Weaponiser - The Ultimate Weapon Sound Design Solution via @YouTube
Sound Effects Search @sfxsearch (retweeted by @KrotosAudio) Tuesday September 4, 2018
New Leather #soundlibrary by @KrotosAudio (67 clips, 0.29 GB, £58) Designed to be used with…
Thorsten Meyer @Thorsten_Meyer_ (retweeted by @KrotosAudio) Tuesday September 4, 2018
Weaponiser 1.1.0 Updated and new Battle Bundle by Krotos
Krotos @KrotosAudio Monday September 3, 2018
If you're new to Weaponiser or need to brush up on its features before you get stuck into our latest Battle Bundle…
MusicTech @MusicTechMag (retweeted by @KrotosAudio) Monday August 6, 2018
. @groove3inc's Sound Design for TV, Film and Games aims to give you a working knowledge of the medium and set you…
AudioFaderMag @audiofadermag (retweeted by @KrotosAudio) Thursday August 30, 2018
In esclusiva per Audiofader, il test di @KrotosAudio Dehumaniser 2 a cura di VIncenzo Bellanova, buona lettura!…
音楽雑貨屋(Zakkaya_Owner) @ongakuzakkaya (retweeted by @KrotosAudio) Tuesday August 28, 2018
三種の神器が揃いました!まさにinsanely awesome!🤪 Thanks a lot! @KrotosAudio @minetjp
SonicScoop @SonicScoop (retweeted by @KrotosAudio) Friday August 24, 2018
New gear alerts from @RHA, @HeavyocityMedia, @KrotosAudio and more.
ぴぐみょんスタジオ@アッ子P @PigmyonStudio (retweeted by @KrotosAudio) Thursday August 23, 2018
これね :D/) Dehumaniser 2 Overview @YouTubeさんから
Krotos @KrotosAudio Thursday August 23, 2018
"Hit record! You never know just how useful those little happy accidents will be." #sounddesign happy accidents.…
Media Integration @minetjp (retweeted by @KrotosAudio) Thursday August 23, 2018
CEDECに出展するならということで、KROTOSから日本のサウンド・デザイナーの方々へ特別なオファーです。Dehumaniser、Weaponiser、Reformer Pro、すべてのKROTOS製品を、期間限定特価30%OF…
ICON @ICON_jp (retweeted by @KrotosAudio) Thursday August 23, 2018
メディア・インテグレーション、英Krotosのサウンド・デザイン・ツールを約30%OFFで販売するプロモを開始 - ICON @KrotosAudio @minetjp…
Pro Tools Expert @protoolsexpert (retweeted by @KrotosAudio) Thursday August 23, 2018
Krotos Audio Prove Battle Ready With Major Weaponiser Update, New Presets And New Library
Krotos @KrotosAudio Wednesday August 22, 2018
Sound designer Richard Gould discusses developing your hearing, field recording creativity and more.…
Ronnie / rekkerd @rekkerd (retweeted by @KrotosAudio) Tuesday August 21, 2018
Krotos releases Battle Bundle for Weaponiser + v1.1.0 update available
Audiofanzine FR @audiofanzinefr (retweeted by @KrotosAudio) Monday August 20, 2018
Le Krotos Weaponiser en v1.1 et un Battle Bundle @DehumaniserSD
KVR Audio @kvraudio (retweeted by @KrotosAudio) Monday August 20, 2018
Krotos updates Weaponiser to v1.1.0 @KrotosAudio
Red libraries @redlibraries (retweeted by @KrotosAudio) Saturday August 18, 2018
Krotos Audio, Stephan Schutze and Red libraries with our #Bodyfall library as team up for creating this awesome bun…
samplelibraryreview @samplelibraryhq (retweeted by @KrotosAudio) Friday August 10, 2018
Review Examples: Refromer Pro by KrotosAudio: via @YouTube
Krotos @KrotosAudio Friday August 17, 2018
NEW Weaponiser V1.1.0 and The Battle Bundle: #sounddesign #gameaudio #sfx #soundeffects #audiopost
いざよいにゃんこ @izayoimephist (retweeted by @KrotosAudio) Thursday August 16, 2018
Krotos @KrotosAudio Thursday August 16, 2018
@bwswca @AvidProTools Thanks for the kind words - we'd love to hear your results! :)
Krotos @KrotosAudio Thursday August 16, 2018
@ChristianStella Hi Christian - please email
MusicTech @MusicTechMag (retweeted by @KrotosAudio) Friday June 22, 2018
In the new issue of MusicTech we've got a bumper edition of reviews, featuring the @UAudio OX, @LeafAudio Micropho…
344 Audio @344audio (retweeted by @KrotosAudio) Tuesday August 14, 2018
Designing some monstrous sounds this morning using krotosaudio Dehumaniser II! #audiopostproduction #sounddesigner…
Krotos @KrotosAudio Monday August 13, 2018
What happens when #sounddesign is at the forefront of film creation and not an afterthought? #indiefilm #foleyartist
Krotos @KrotosAudio Friday August 10, 2018
A true audiophile "rebuilt his treasures to create what is a beautiful, deeply narcotic hi-fi sound." #audiophile…
Appetite For Production @a4ppodcast (retweeted by @KrotosAudio) Monday April 30, 2018
PODCAST EPISODE 2: Dazzling Array of Workaday Plugins. Featuring: @KrotosAudio Weaponiser, @PreSonus support gurus…
344 Audio @344audio (retweeted by @KrotosAudio) Wednesday August 1, 2018
@HEDDaudio Featuring gear from @heddaudio @KrotosAudio @McDSP_PlugIns @KorgUK @zoomcorpuk @ZoomUK @ADAM_Audio…

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