Applied Acoustics Systems Strum GS-2 & Packs
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Windows Requirements
  • Host application compatible with:
    • AAX Native plugins
    • RTAS plugins
    • VST plugins
  • Windows 10 64?bit or later
  • Intel Core i5 (circa 2015) processor or later
  • 64-bit DAW or Host Application
  • *32-bit support depreciated
Mac Requirements
  • Host application compatible with:
    • AAX Native plugins
    • Audio-Unit plugins
    • RTAS plugins
    • VST plugins
  • macOS 10.11 (El Capitan) or later
  • Intel Core i5 (circa 2015), Apple M1 processor or later
  • 64-bit DAW or Host Application
  • *32-bit support depreciated
This bundle contains 10 products.
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Acoustic/Electric Guitar Instrument and Sound Packs
This bundle includes additional content packs from the AAS library, as listed below in the features section.

Strum GS-2 is a plug-in for the production of guitar tracks. With an impressive collection of acoustic and electric guitars, automatic chord recognition, sophisticated chord voicing, integrated strumming and picking action, MIDI riff library, amplifier, and effects, playing guitar on a keyboard has never been so easy.

With Strum GS-2, creating guitar tracks in a DAW environment becomes a straightforward endeavour as it reproduces the sound of a huge range of guitars but also the playing technique of a guitar player. To achieve this, Strum GS-2 uses modeling to reproduce the various parts of the guitar chain—strings, bridge, soundboard, pickups, amplifier, and speaker cabinet. Strum GS-2 also embeds an elaborate chord recognition and voicing module which automatically voices chords played on the keyboard as a guitar player would on the fretboard. Strumming and picking swings into action with an auto- strum function and special strumming keys. Elaborate rhythm figures available from a large collection of MIDI loops are on hand to supplement chord progressions.

Strum GS-2 is a complete redesign of its predecessor. In addition to the synthesis and strumming engines which have been completely reviewed, Strum GS-2 ships with a new streamlined interface, a new equalizer and compressor module, a new multi-effect processor, brings native 64-bit operation on Mac OS X and Windows, and much more. Strum GS-2 also features an all-new factory library comprising an impressive number of acoustic and electric guitars, both in natural and production-ready configurations.

“We have completely reviewed the modeling of the complete chain behind Strum—including the strings, bridge, body, pickups, amplifier, speaker cabinet, and effects—and reconsidered how the different elements interact with each other. We have also re-examined how strumming is performed, now giving us a whole new level of realism, tone control, and expressivity,” said Marc-Pierre Verge, CEO of AAS. “With its extensive collection of acoustic and electric guitars in a single package and the ability to tweak them as required, Strum GS-2 represents exceptional value. Strum more than ever allows you to experience the genuine feel of playing guitar on a keyboard!”

Products included in this Bundle

All That Jazz
All That Jazz $ 39
Jazz Guitar Packs for Strum GS-2
Blue Rhythms
Blue Rhythms $ 39
Soulful Blues Rhythms of the 70's
Funky Cat
Funky Cat $ 39
Get Your Funk On
Good Folks
Good Folks $ 39
Folk Style Guitars for Strum GS-2
Latin Vibes
Latin Vibes $ 39
Modern Latin Sounds for Strum GS-2 and AAS Player
Pop Rocks
Pop Rocks $ 39
Pop Guitar Sound Pack for Strum GS-2 and AAS Player
Post Rock
Post Rock $ 39
Rock Territory
Power Chords
Power Chords $ 39
Power Chords for Strum GS-2
Take 3
Take 3 $ 39
Odd Time Signature Grooves
Tropical Jam
Tropical Jam $ 39
Your Own Slice of Caribbean Paradise

Product Features

  • 200 acoustic and electric guitar presets
  • 101 styles
  • 707 strumming patterns
  • NKS Support for Native Instruments' Kontakt
  • Includes Pop Rocks, Latin Vibes, Good Folks, Power Chords, Blue Rhythms, Funky Cat, Take 3, Tropical Jam, Post Rock, All that Jazz Sound Libraries


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