In today's market, music production is constantly evolving. Producers and artists alike need professional sounding plug-ins that are simple and easy-to-use. All too often, precious studio time is wasted, struggling with audio plug-ins that are unnecessarily complicated to install and operate. Plug-ins need to inspire creativity, not restrict it!


56 Products by Plug And Mix :

Plug And Mix Ambiosoniq

This plug-in looks like an 10-band graphic EQ but it does much more than that. The old school engineers will recognise the added "Ambience" knob that adds incredible...
Plug And Mix American Tweed

Based on the legendary Fender Bassman amplifier, this amp simulation plug-in includes 6 Control knobs, Speaker Emulation with Bypass, Stereo Mode Switch and Boost...
Plug And Mix Analoger

P&M Analoger brings the classic warmth and character of a tape machine to your studio. It allows you to mix in the sound of tape saturation and crunch from vintage...
Plug And Mix Basspeg

This plug-in is your new go to Bass Amp, built in parallel to the classic Ampeg SVT, it delivers deep lows and warmth to any Bass signal and is indeed very flexible...
Plug And Mix Brightness

Based on the idea of Abbey Road Studios hardware and used on countless seminal recordings at Abbey Road during the '60s, including almost every album by The Beatles....
Plug And Mix British Tone

Based on legendary MARSHALL amplifiers, this amp-simulation plug-in includes 6 Control knobs, Speaker Emulation with Bypass, Stereo Mode Switch and Boost Switch. The...
Plug And Mix California Tone

Based on legendary MESA BOOGIE amplifiers, this amp simulation plug-in includes 6 Control knobs, Speaker Emulation with Bypass, Stereo Mode Switch and Boost Switch....
Plug And Mix Chainer

The P&M Chainer is a great new way to use your P&M Plug-ins and other VST software inside of your DAW. The P&M Chainer is a "FREE" plugin that natively hosts ALL...
Plug And Mix Chorus Ensemble

An easy to use chorus ensemble effect. Your go-to plug-in for quick, lush sounding chorus effects. Use the knobs to quickly dial in color and stereo width while...
Plug And Mix Clarisonix

The Sub bass and Harmonics Enhancer. Use this on any track where you want to achieve a thunderous low end or punchy presence. Perfect for making kick drums sound huge...
Plug And Mix Classic Flanger

A silky smooth flanger effect that can go from subtle to extreme in an instant. This unit models Classic, M-Tron and Stompbox flanger models that are still the...
Plug And Mix Classic Phaser

This is an extremely musical vintage multi-stage phaser effect. Select between the different stages of phasing and sync the results for out-of-this-world modulations....
Plug And Mix Cool-vibe

Based on the Uni-Vibe used by Jimmy Hendrix. This is a favorite of guitar and keyboard players looking to add some very special vocal character to their performances....
Plug And Mix Degradiator

This Bit Crusher style plug-in will mangle and degrade your sound to a whole new level. You can use it to dirty digital saturation to your tracks and create wild...
Plug And Mix Deluxe Tilt

The Deluxe Tilt is a unique EQ that simultaneously boosts and cuts by shifting the EQ curve around a center frequency of your choosing. The result is a natural and...
Plug And Mix Digital Plate

Based on the EMT "Gold Plate" Analog 2-ch Reverb. This reverb can give your digital tracks more depth, more space and more soul. Don't let the easy to use interface...
Plug And Mix Digital Reverb

Based on the Eventide Reverb 2016, this plug-in sounds amazingly natural and works especially well on drums. Choose between small, medium and large room size for...
Plug And Mix Dimension 3D

Based on the famous Roland SDD320 - 'Dimension-D' released around the late 70's. This unit adds the highly sought after detuning effect heard on countless classic rock...
Plug And Mix Distorted

P&M Distorted is a smooth distortion effect with versatile EQ and tone controls. Add this to an track where you need extra crunch or grit. Use the built in EQ for...
Plug And Mix E-Max

Emax is a professional Equalizer that is one of the most essential tools for any producer, mixing or mastering engineer. P&M E-Max Equalizer provides the highest...
Plug And Mix Echoflex

Based on the famous Echoplex guitar pedal. This tape delay effect was used by almost all of the most notable guitar players of the 60's and 70's eras. The echo timing...
Plug And Mix Electro Optical

This is a two channel electro-optical compressor/limiter designed for the utmost in transparency, detail and versatility. The plug-in's soft-knee design offers...
Plug And Mix Electro Q Tone

This plug-in can produce some serious filtering auto filtering action for rich and funky sounding results. Q-Tone sounds great on drums guitars and bass and it's...
Plug And Mix Gatevador

Gatevador allows you to easily and quickly control excess bleed and noise on your source material, and enhance and expand the good stuff! With minimal controls as per...
Plug And Mix Granulizer

Granulizer is an out of this world effect that will give you some unique results that can only be achieved with granular processing. This special granular delay...
Plug And Mix Liquid Air Q

This unique plug-in offers an easy way to breath more life or "air" into any track. It comes with three adjustable lower and mid frequency bands for dialing things...
Plug And Mix Lo-Fi

Never before has there been a grungier, more filthy Lo-Fi plug-in. This plug-in takes Lo-Fi to the next level by combining Bit Depth, Decimator and Noise to produce...
Plug And Mix Loudbass

Want your low end to be as impressive as possible? Got a project to mix for the dancefloors and you are missing the "thump" you need to compete? This monster plug-in...
Plug And Mix Ls Rotator

This plug-in gives you the classic sound of a Leslie rotating speaker. The speaker has two elements - the lower and upper rotor. This effect works really well on...
Plug And Mix Magic Queen

Based on legendary VOX amplifiers, this amp simulation plug-in includes 6 Control knobs, Speaker Emulation with Bypass, Stereo Mode Switch and Boost Switch. The P&M...
Plug And Mix Monster Boost

This plug-in is a signal booster that adds harmonics and warmth to your tracks. The Monster Boost has that magic coloration that can be used on everything, from...
Plug And Mix Moogy Filter

Having a P&M Moogy Filter is like bringing home a classic vintage filter pedal for use on all of your tracks. This plug-in’s great sounding filter can be driven with...
Plug And Mix Multi-Tap Delay

P&M Multi-Tap Delay brings a new twist to delay plug-ins. Set your general rate with the big speed knob and then prepare yourself for Multi-tap madness as you can...
Plug And Mix Ob La Wah

Don't have a wah-wah pedal in the cupboard? Don't worry, OB LA WAH will step in and provide the "vintage" sounds you need with all the possibilities that full...
Plug And Mix Octaplexer

Missing some extra low end in your mix? Want the main guitar or synth riff to have a bass duplicating it to give a really "solid" feel? This effect mixes input sound...
Plug And Mix OptoMax

P&M OptoMax is a state of the art plug-in for use in your favorite digital audio workstation. P&M OptoMax is designed to give you precision dynamic control over any...
Plug And Mix Pitch Me

Pitch Me is your dual pitch shifter plug-in, developed with a view to the formidable H910 units of old. Independently control left and right pitch values for added...
Plug And Mix Pro Series


The Ultimate Precision "Pro Series" Pack includes 3 professional plug-ins that are part of a new collection called “Pro Series” Plug-ins. The “Pro Series” plug-ins...
Plug And Mix Psycho Ring

This is a ring modulator with attitude. The effect multiplies and mixes the input sound with a special signal, generated by the internal oscillator. When you have...
Plug And Mix Retro Compressor

P&M Retro Compressor is a compressor that has a vintage sound with those retro-looking controls. Quickly dial in your compression settings with the easy to use knobs....
Plug And Mix Retro Equalizer

Based on the API 550A this classic EQ is a mainstay in professional studios worldwide. Dial in your sound in no time by finding the frequency you want, then boost or...
Plug And Mix Retro Filter

Retro low pass, band pass and high pass filters which add that special mojo to a track. This plug-in sounds great on guitars, bass or vocals - anywhere there is a need...
Plug And Mix Retro Limiter

This is a simple, great sounding limiter that you can use to control the dynamics of any track or mix. Additional selector controls allow you to choose between...
Plug And Mix S-Tractor

S-Tractor is your new de-esser; with just three parameters for quick and easy control of your vocal T’s, P’s. Adjust the frequency, threshold and amount values to tame...
Plug And Mix Screamer

If you were looking for something to make one of your tracks be ultra-present, this is the plug-in you need. This wild effect uses a heavily overloaded lowpass filter...
Plug And Mix Stereolizer

This effect provides a unique way to get the most width out of your stereo panning. Want to get that stereo synth pad to sound like its coming from outside your...
Plug And Mix Talking Tone

Do you want to add something really special into your Mix? This effect simulates the way voice formants are synthesized and will get your tracks "talking". You can...
Plug And Mix ToneStack

P&M Tone-Stack delivers the guitar amp tone you’ve been yearning for ever since you sold your amp on craigslist. Tone-Stack includes 6 classic amp tones as well as a...
Plug And Mix Transcontrol

This Transient Designer is known for creating punchy drums and can be applied to virtually any other signal as well. Apply this plug-in to any percussive element and...
Plug And Mix Tremolo Pan

A versatile tremolo and panning effect, this plug-in gives your tracks the movement and life that they may need. This device allows you to choose from Sine, Triangle...
Plug And Mix Tube Exciter

P&M Tube Exciter delivers punch, clarity and sparkle to any signal you run through it. The plug-in features Tube Exciter, Tube Saturation and Sub Bass enhancers which...
Plug And Mix Ultramaxit

Ultramaxit is a simple to use Maximizer powerhouse that is great for bringing up the overall level of a mix or achieving heavy compression settings. Apply this...
Plug And Mix Vibrator

Vibrator; like the Uni-Vibe, add movement to your mixes and instruments/sounds. Create spacial width effects and shimmer. Tuck the effect under your source with...
Plug And Mix Vinylizer

This Lo-Fi effect achieves the classic vinyl record sound. Give your tracks that old school flavor by adding a touch of noise dust and scratches to the mix. These...
Plug And Mix VIP Bundle


If you buy Plug & Mix V.I.P. bundle, then you are a "Very Intelligent Person". Each plug-in in the V.I.P. series costs only $49 individually, but when you purchase the...
Plug And Mix Vowel Comb

P&M Vowel Comb offers a unique spin on filter plug-ins. This unconventional effect allows you to add vowel overtones to any source material causing your rhythms to...

Latest News from Plug And Mix :

The V.I.P. Bundle Is On Promo !
Friday July 5, 2019

In today's market, music production is constantly evolving. Producers, composers, musicians and artists alike need professional sounding plug-ins that are fast, simple and easy-to-use ! The P&M V.I.P. series plug-ins delivers the same professional sound you would come to expect from other major plug-in manufacturers, but they are much easier to use. Designed with an emphasis on quality and simplicity, each plug-in has a clean interface with only the most essential knobs and switches needed to dial a great sound. Get 50 amazing plug-ins today ...

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Chainer Updated To Version 1.2.3
Wednesday July 12, 2017

Plug and Mix have updated "Chainer" VST Wrapper and Virtual Instrument Host plug-in to version 1.2.3. This small update fixes reported issue with P&M Digital Reverb causing crash on instantiation in Chainer, when hosted in Native Instruments' Maschine.

Read More
Plug & Mix Adds 5 New Plug-ins To The VIP Bundle !
Friday January 13, 2017

Plug & Mix today proudly announce the launch of 5 new plug-ins to their impressive collection that now counts 50 high quality audio Plug-ins. The new plug-in names speak for themselves : Basspeg, Gatevador, S-Tractor, Pitch Me, Vibrator. The Plug & Mix "V.I.P. Bundle" (that now includes ALL 50 VIP series plug-ins) is a comprehensive toolset, a perfect swiss army knife collection of plug-ins from EQs, Compressors, Amp Sims, to Reverbs, Delays, Bit Crushers and many more. They've got them all. P&M plug-ins are a serious option for high profile...

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The Pro Series Plug-ins Updated To 1.0.2 !
Friday November 13, 2015

Today we are proud to announce the 1.0.2 version of the Pro Series Plug-ins. Included in this new version are improved ProTools 11 and 12 compatibility and minor bug fixes. The “Pro Series” collection includes “E-Max” a transparent linear phase equaliser, “OptoMax” a powerful opto compressor and “Tube Exciter” a subtile tube exciter and sub bass enhancer. Plug and Mix products are distributed by

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The Ultimate Precision 'Pro Series' Plug-ins !
Friday May 22, 2015

Today we are proud to announce the launch of 3 new professional plug-ins that are part of a new collection called the Ultimate Precision “Pro Series” Plug-ins. The “Pro Series” plug-ins have been designed to reflect the need and requests of our most demanding professional customers that use the V.I.P. Series plug-ins in their daily tasks. The “Pro Series” collection includes “E-Max” a transparent linear phase equaliser, “OptoMax” a powerful opto compressor and “Tube Exciter” a subtil tube exciter and sub bass...

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P&M Chainer Version 1.2.0 Is Ready !
Tuesday May 5, 2015

Today we are proud to announce the release of version 1.2 of the P&M Chainer. This new version adds many enhancements requested by users. Users will now find a VSTi version that makes it much easier to load and use the Chainer as an "instrument" and/or an effect utility. Version 1.2 also provides a convenient stand alone version where users can load and save guitar patches, vocal patches, keyboard patches or any other chains of effects that can be used for live performances without having to load a DAW. This new version also provides many...

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P&M Chainer Version 1.1 Is Online !
Tuesday April 7, 2015

We have been as quick as we possibly could to provide this update that fixes bugs reported by users. Next week we will upload version 1.2 that will add a useful stand alone version as well as a convenient VSTi version that will appear in the "instruments" menu in Logic and other DAWs... ======================================== Release Notes ======================================== - Added built-in list of PM-plugins proprietary format. - Added Uninstaller for Mac. - Fixed LogicPro automation issues on Mac. - Fixed Chainer issues in Reaper on ...

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We Have Made The P&M 'Chainer' For You !
Wednesday March 25, 2015

In the past months, we have received great amount of requests asking if we could create a usefull tool that would contain all 45 P&M V.I.P. Plug-ins making these more convenient to use within any Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). So we did it and much more ;-) Today we are proud to announce that we have launched a great new product that all of you V.I.P. Plugin owners will love ! We called it, the P&M "Chainer". It can load and chain P&M plug-ins but it can also...... load VST effects and VSTi instruments into any DAW including Pro Tools ?...

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Plug-ins V.I.P. Series Version 3 Released !
Tuesday March 24, 2015

Today we are happy to announce that we have released Version 3.3 of our P&M V.I.P Series plug-ins As always, the update is totally FREE and is available for Mac and Windows. The Changes include : Fixed crash on Pro Tools 11 Fixed bypass issue on Pro Tools Fixed Ambiosonic noises when using multiple Ambiosonic Plug-in. Fixed Mono to Stereo not working on some plug-ins Fixed meter in PM-Brightness Fixed problem when bouncing tracks in Logic. Fixed problems with Digidesign (Avid) control surfaces. Added double-click on controls now reset...

Read More
5000 Plug And Mix V.I.P. Bundles At Only $49
Tuesday August 19, 2014

We are blowing out 5000 Plug and Mix V.I.P. Bundles at ONLY $49 starting today ! (MSRP $249) Why? Because we’re insane ? Probably a little, But really it’s because we’d like to have all the P&M users out there to have a REAL PAID license that offers full customer support and FREE lifetime UPGRADES... Get your P&M V.I.P. Bundle today for ONLY $49 before we run out of this special stock ! And during this promotion, ALL the individual plug-ins are at ONLY $9.99 ! (MSRP $49) Over 20 000 customers have purchased P&M plug-ins and have...

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About Plug And Mix :

In today's market, music production is constantly evolving. Producers and artists alike need professional sounding plug-ins that are simple and easy-to-use. All too often, precious studio time is wasted, struggling with audio plug-ins that are unnecessarily complicated to install and operate. Plug-ins need to inspire creativity, not restrict it!

In response to users demand for high quality and efficiency, P&M has developed a series of plug-ins that will change the way you think about plug-ins. We at P&M have partnered with leading plug-in designers from around the world to bring you the V.I.P. plug-in series.

P&M products deliver the same professional sound you would come to expect from other major plug-in manufacturers, but they are much easier to use. Designed with an emphasis on quality and simplicity, each plug-in has a clean interface with only the most essential knobs and switches.

With the V.I.P. plug-in series, dialing in a great sound has never been easier: Simply load the plug-in and turn a knob for instant sonic satisfaction. Installing and authorizing P&M plug-ins has also been made incredibly easy for end users to move forward with what they have to do...

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